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A Fetish Thing! Ladies! Your feet pictures can be worth as much as N500,000 on Instagram



We all have what tickles our fantasy and some of them are more absurd than others, but hey we’re not here to judge, just to allow you to . Ladies, for you to perhaps make more money.

Feet pictures on Instagram can fetch as much as $100 (Over N36,000) and upwards. Now, let’s get into this. Fetish, sexual fetish here not the diabolical juju one, is a type of sexual desire that results from deriving abnormal satisfaction from different kinds of objects, or body parts or even clothes.

This business thrives on 3 categories, feet pic takers, feet pic buyer and feet pic aggregator
(Full on wedding)

So, in simple form, sexual fetishes are sexual desires that you get from things that shouldn’t normally be classified sexy but works for you anyway. One of the most popular sex fetishes in the world is feet fetish.

Other that you may be familiar with include (Christian Grey shit), role playing, voyeurism(watching other people have sex), (Yup, this one too), crossdressing (Absolutely), kleptolagnia (get turned on by theft) and many more.

Now, that you’re caught up with fetish, you realise that you enjoy some listed above. Back to the feet fetish business on Instagram. According to a story written by Paris Martineau, The Outline who found pictures of her feet on a feet fetish Instagram page which she found weird but decided to understand the industry, also to get her pictures taken down.

Feet pic aggregator where Paris Martineau found her picture with her sis

According to her research, this feet fetish industry, is broken into three categories that includes the Feet Pic Buyers, Feet Pic Takers, and Feet Pic Aggregators. The first group is very essential to it all, the people who have the fetish, the need to see the feet pictures and are willing to pay for premium original content.

This group is the lifewire of this industry, according to the source, he said he once $400 (N144,165) and spent about $1500 (N540,706) on another girl, he had proof to back his statements as well.

Just WOW!

Then the second category belongs to the Feet pic takers, this category can be broken down into two subcategories, private and public.

The private ones as you know are the Feet Pic Takers that have their profile locked, you need to request for access to their profile. These ones can do business by requesting cash subscription to be able to view the account, where they’ll find pictures or videos of their favorite fetish. The public ones on another hand leave it for free for anyone who wants to look. They make their own money through custom picture/video. They’re willing to do whatever the buyer wants, all this businesses are conducted in the DM.

The sellers can enact whichever genre of porn, the feet fetish buyer want on video, as far as they’re getting paid. The last category of people in this ecosystem are the Feet Pic Aggregators, these guys are the lifeline of this group, they can help connect buyers with sellers. They scout the ‘gram to beautiful pictures of feet and display them on their page, they try as much as possible not to reveal their real identities, it’s better played anonymously.

Profile of a feet fetish specialist

If the aggregators gets big enough, then pic takers can even pitch their pictures to the account, so they can get a shout-out and potentially increase their followers, which can lead to people hitting their DM requesting for original pictures which can be paid for in turn.

This is how these fetish has found a home on Instagram, and ladies who are into this can make as much as $70,000 (N25,234,332) in a year. Not many 9-5 workers can boast of making such amount. For people who are doing this business and making these types of money, you can imagine it’s their full time job.

So, ladies is this something that may interest you?

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