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Be Proud! 10 things about sex you should never apologise for



There are always things that we sometimes feel insecure when it comes to sex, but some of these things have to do with being who you’re sexually, you should never feel bad about these.

According to Julia Pugachevsky, Cosmopolitan, here are some things that you should never be ashamed of

1. How you look naked

You should never be ashamed of how you look naked.
(Jet Mag)

This is one will affect your self confidence a lot, if you deeply insecure about your body, take steps to correct these but never feel bad about how you look naked. If you feel that bad about it, you can make sure the lights are off. Also make sure that whoever you’re having sex with is crazy about you as much as you’re crazy about them.

2. Having limited libido

You may have read on this platform about how to grow your libido, how to have sex, the best sex positions but bodies are different, it’s okay that you don’t a high sex drive, not everyone can have that and that’s okay as well.

3. Not wanting to do a sex act

This is for the both sexes, especially for ladies. When a guy wants a sexual act that a lady doesn’t want to do, she is seen as weird like “every girl does this, it’s not a big deal”. Guys can always go on this narrative, but the truth is, if you’re not comfortable doing a sex act, don’t do it.

4. Wanting your orgasm as well

Demanding for equal right also exists in sex.
(Getty Images)

The eventual end of sex should be with the orgasm of both people, this is one thing you should always want and never back down on. If he/she is getting theirs then you’ve got to get yours too. It’s a mutual affair.

5. Using lubes

For some reason, a lot of people still think using lubes isn’t good. Not everyone is dripping wet after two minutes of make-out session, if you know lubes do wonders for your sex, go ahead and use it.

6. Telling your partner how you want it

Giving people notes about stuff can sometime mean they’re not doing something well, and can make them feel incapable. You should find out how best your partner can take feedback and give it to them. It’s like looking for something scattering all the house meanwhile someone knows where it is, aren’t you better off just telling where it is, before they destroy the entire thing?

7. Being super wet

Earlier, we discussed about how having low sex drive is okay, and if it’s the other way round as well, it’s cool too. In fact, if you’re encountering a lady who is super wet, as in dripping wet, consider yourself lucky, have a good time.

8. Using a vibrator

If you get off quicker with a vibrator incorporated, then let your partner know.
(DH Gate)

It’s all in service of achieving orgasm, isn’t it? So how about bringing everything that helps you get there into bed. If you’re one of those people who need external stimulation during sex, then don’t be ashamed to bring in the vibrator in. Guys need to know the vibrator isn’t the competition.

9. Watching porn

So, this is still frowned upon by a lot of people despite being in 2018. If you’re into watching porn, then you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, just need to be able to keep it under check before it becomes an addiction.

10. Catching feelings from a fling

Well, this is bound to happen, because there was an attraction in place before you decided to have the fling. Never be ashamed that you are beginning to like the person more, it’s how your body hormones work. During sex, the body releases chemicals that makes us more intimate.

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