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Lenny brought her breakfast in bed. Things escalated quickly from feeling his friend’s mum’s belly with food to flooding her pussy with his cum.

I stood up, slipped off my shorts and got back in bed with her. I knelt in front of her groin and looked at the patch of pubic hair and her desirable labia. I rubbed against her pussy in a circular motion with my fingers and I felt the delicate skin move and part.
She gasped and pressed against my hand as I circled in the other direction and her labia parted with a moist sound. Using my first and second fingers I opened her pussy wide and bent forward to lap at her clitoris. I felt her stiffen as my tongue ran over her fleshy knob and she cried out quietly and arched her back.
I lapped up and down with long strokes tasting her and then stuck my tongue out as far as I could and sank it into her body. I circled my tongue and worked back and forth making loud slurps and wet smacking noises as she twisted in pleasure under my attention.
My saliva mingled with her juices and after a minute or so, she gasped out a long low moan.
I felt her pussy twitch. I withdrew my tongue and lapped at her clitoris with quick, short strokes. Omotola writhed so much that I had to press down on her hips to hold her steady enough to continue licking and eating her.
“Oh God!” she whispered, “Please, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”
Her thighs clenched together trapping my head as she came, making urgent and incoherent noises. I waited until her orgasm seemed to pass and then I softly kissed her pussy.
“That felt so good, Lenny, now I want you inside me, I need you in me!” She cried out.
I wanted the same thing as my dick was throbbing and ready to burst. I was overcome with a desire that could only be satisfied once I was inside her body. Omotola lifted her head to watch me as I positioned myself above her and guided my dick to her entrance.
Our eyes met as I pushed forward and slipped into her easily. My penetration had the desired effect and her pussy was slick with excitement.
We both gasped and moaned as her pussy lips parted to take my dick. Omotola closed her eyes, caressed her breasts and played with her nipples. I remained still for a moment and enjoyed the incredible feeling of being inside her body.
Then I began fucking her with a slow, steady rhythm. She matched my movements as it felt so good that neither of us wanted it to end too quickly. Omotola liked to watch the penetration so I kept my weight off of her body so she could see my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.
We stayed like this for some time, fucking slowly with her laying back and circling her hips then another orgasm passed through her body as she lifted her hips and groaned.
She looked up at me and smiled, “Get on your back this time,” she whispered seductively.
I was happy to oblige so I pulled out of her and rolled over on my back. I watched as Omotola straddled me, took hold of my dick and lowered her hips slowly. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as the aroused and engorged head of my dick sank slowly into her pussy.
I reached up and fondled her incredible breasts as she ever so slowly impaled herself on my length.
I was so turned on it was only seconds but it seemed like minutes before her pubic hair touched mine. It was all I could do not to thrust up into her hard and furiously. However I disciplined myself and I rocked gently up into her as I continued to work her breasts and aroused nipples.
Omotola pushed backwards with her hips as she arched her back and pressed her crotch hard against mine. I pulled on her shapely hips releasing my hold on her breasts but then Omotola grabbed my hands and pushed my arms up next to my head.
She then leaned forward and placed her breasts on my chest as her weight rested on my body.
We kissed as her luscious lips found my own and she continued to kiss me as she gently rocked her hips fucking me with incredible patience.
The perspiration on my chest made it slippery enough for her breasts to glide along as she worked her hips back and forth. I don’t know for how long Omotola rode me but it seemed like an eternity and she never once altered the slow speed with which she moved.
She was in complete control and she knew it.
As her hips moved back and forth and up and down, I felt my orgasm suddenly build in my balls. I breathed deeply through my nose as I kissed her and plunged my tongue into her throat. Omotola lifted her head back from mine and then looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes just as my orgasm hit.
My hips jerked and thrust upwards spasmodically and I grunted as my orgasm ripped through me.
I felt my semen shoot out of my dick and flood her vagina and my body shook all over. As my orgasm passed I could feel my still hard dick swimming in her pussy as our juices commingled and surrounded my shaft. Omotola gently kissed my face as her body slowed and then stopped and rested on me.
“That’s for being such a dear and bringing breakfast to me today,” she whispered.
“Wow, I will remember that the next time I serve you breakfast in bed,” I replied in a soft tone.
Come on let’s shower and get dressed I have a full day ahead of me and I am meeting some friends for lunch,” she said as she rolled out of bed.


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Can you please upload the movie TAU

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