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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Lenny and the randy bookstore lady (Part 9)



“Okay,” I say, chuckling. “We’ll skip the hands and feet this time but I really want to massage your ass. Will you lay on your stomach for me?”

“Not until you’re undressed!” she says.

“This isn’t fair. You’re staring all big eyes at my naked treasures and I don’t get to see you at all.” She starts tugging my shirt up over my head and I don’t stop her. When she pulls my pants and boxers down, my fully erect dick springs out, hitting her arm.

She wraps her hand around it and starts gently stroking. The sight of her hand wrapped around my dick is extremely arousing and my dick twitches between her fingers.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” She says, bending her head down toward my hard dick and licking the precum from the tip.

“Not just yet,” I say, stopping her just before she’s about to devour my dick. I can’t believe I’m foregoing a blowjob but I really want this to be about her.

“You first,” I tell her.

“On the bed.”

“Oh, Lenny. I thought you said I’m in control,” She lightly protests while lying down on her stomach. I catch my breath at my first sight of her magnificent ass. Two perfectly round, fat bubbles squeezed together forming a black crevice that leads directly to the abundant hair encircling her puffy pussy lips. She spreads her legs a little wider as I start massaging her firm, fleshy cheeks.

I study her skin as I plant kisses on her ass. I have my palms flat on her glorious cheeks while I run my thumbs up and down between them, teasing her asshole as she lets out a low moan.

Sliding my thumbs down beside her pussy lips, I massage all around them without touching her pussy. Amaka is pushing her ass up and wiggling around trying to put my hands in contact with her burning, wet pussy. I finally oblige her and rub my thumbs up and down her moist slit, pulling her open and massaging the pink inner sides of her lips.

I am captivated by the contrast between the black outside and the pink insides of her pussy lips as I slide two fingers up inside her anxiously awaiting pussy.

“Mmmmm,” she moans loudly, pushing her ass up against my hand.

I finger fuck her agonizingly slowly while continuing to massage her ass cheeks with my other hand. She’s humping her ass up off the bed, pushing my fingers deeper into her hot, slick pussy. I lean over and start kissing and biting her ass cheeks while continuing to slow pump my fingers in and out of her pussy.

She’s humping more frantically now as I start licking around her ass hole and push my tongue just inside it, reaming around the edges of her tight back door.

“Oh yeah! Oh Lenny! That feels… so good,” She says while continuing to twist around on the bed. I keep licking her ass and finger fucking her pussy until she’s moving around so much I can’t keep my tongue in her asshole. I pull my fingers out and slide my body up on top of her, positioning my dick between her ass cheeks. I kiss her neck and move my mouth close to her ear.

“I want to taste you,” I whisper, licking my fingers.

“I want to turn you over and lick up all that thick juice you’ve been making.” I’m sliding my dick up and down the crack of her ass and kissing her neck.

“I’m going to lick your pussy and suck your clit until you beg me to stop.” I pause.

“Then I’m going to do it some more.”

I slide off her and let her turn over. Kneeling between her legs I am mesmerised by the sight of her naked flesh. Her large smooth breasts lying high on her chest are tipped by hard nipples shooting straight out from her large areolas. Her flat stomach around her navel and the triangular patch acts as an arrow pointing me to her shiny, pussy lips.

Bending forward, I breathe in her scent again. It’s much stronger now since she’s been creaming for the past half hour. Her pussy lips are glistening with her thick juices and begging to be licked but I ignore them. I tease her first by licking her inner thighs, then all around her pussy without touching her lips. She’s twisting on the bed, trying to push her lips against my tongue.

Slipping my arms behind her knees, I raise her legs off the bed and lower my face to her hot, wet pussy. Flattening my tongue to its full width, I take one long, slow stroke from her ass all the way to her clit.

“Oh god! Yes!” she yells.

“Eat me, Lenny. Please! Eat my pussy!” I push my tongue just between her steamy, dripping pussy and begin lapping at her juices that have built up inside her. Her taste is arousing and my dick is rock hard as I tongue fuck her and eat her delectable cream.

She’s pushing her ass off the bed and spreading her legs wider, trying to suck my tongue deeper inside her sweet pussy. While sliding my tongue in and out of her delicious pussy, I watch her aroused pink clit peek out from under its fleshy hood. This is what I like about fucking in the daylight; you can see everything. I slide my tongue up to her clit and lick gently around it several times before sucking it into my mouth.

“Oh yeah! That’s what I need!” she breathes as I slip two fingers deep inside her fiery, juice-filled hole and continue to suck her thick, pink clit. She’s thrusting her hips up, pulling my fingers deeper into her while grinding her clit against my tongue. I suck her clit completely inside my mouth and flick my tongue across the tip of it as I continue to finger fuck her pussy.

“I’m cumming!” Amaka yells, “Just keep doing that! Oh yeah! Keep doing everything just like that!” She clenches her pussy around my fingers, jerking wildly as her whole body shakes. Her head and shoulders come up off the bed as her orgasm overtakes her and she gushes creamy juice all over my fingers and down her ass cheeks.

I shift my mouth from her still protruding clit and start hungrily lapping up her delicious flow of syrup. I watch her chest heave and her breasts swell as she gulps air into her lungs. I keep lapping up more and more of her thick, tasty cream and it just keeps flowing. I’m trying to lick her clean but she continues to ooze syrupy nectar while she catches her breath.

“You have an amazing tongue, Lenny,” she pants.

“I’ve needed that release for so long!” She tugs at my head trying to get me to move up her body but I just stay where I am licking her juices from around her lips and between her ass cheeks. Her taste and aroma intoxicate me and I never want to stop eating her.

“I’m not done down here,” I say, looking up at her while running my tongue between her thick pussy lips. “That wasn’t explosive enough yet. I’m sure I can do better with a little practice.” I’m smiling at her.

“I was just so overwhelmed with the experience of being here with you that I couldn’t concentrate.”

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