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Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister



Even though he’s been married for almost two years, Dele is horny most of the time and jacks off in front of his laptop quite frequently. He loves his wife. They grew up together, have always been best friends and are compatible in every way, except sex.

Dele has the libido of a healthy 29-year-old male, but unfortunately his wife, Bisola, was raised to believe that sex is dirty and disgusting, something only done as a monthly obligation. It was drilled into her, from the time she was old enough to understand; only sluts and whores enjoy sex.

In every other way Bisola is the perfect wife. They enjoy the same music and movies, they never fight and they love just hanging out together. The sexual repression and suppression are so deeply rooted, that after a year of trying to change her, Dele has finally resigned himself to accept who she is and just enjoys her as much as he can during their monthly sex session. His frustration is compounded by the fact that she is beautiful, with a perfect body.

Bisola and Dele dated in secondary school, and then lost contact when each left town to go to university. They resumed their relationship a couple of years ago when they both became teachers, back in their hometown. They dated for a year and Dele respected Bisola’s wish to ‘save herself for marriage’ naturally assuming things would change after the wedding.

Because he can’t imagine loving anyone else, Dele has never even considered divorce. He’s thought about fucking around, but the opportunity has never presented itself, at least, not the right opportunity.

As a handsome young secondary school teacher, Dele has his share of female students who have made it obvious they wouldn’t say no, but he won’t cross that boundary. That doesn’t mean their mature young bodies, with their raging hormones, don’t invade his fantasies. He frequently masturbate, imagining one or more of these sexy 18 year olds sharing his bed. But it’s only a fantasy.

Surprisingly, his first real opportunity for some extra marital sex comes unexpectedly from his sister-in-law. He gets his first hint of it at a dinner party, at Bisola’s parent’s house.

Other than their negative opinion about sex, his wife’s family is generally okay. Dele and Bisola see them every Sunday at church and then have dinner once a month at their house. The dinner parties usually include Bisola’s brother, Yinka, and his wife, Lola. Yinka and Lola have been married about four years and neither family has any kids. Not surprising to Dele, given the family’s negative opinion about sex.

After dinner, the conversation generally turns to either religion or the declining sexual morals in our society. Lola and Dele usually sit quietly while their spouses and their parents passionately agree with each other, citing biblical references from memory as they expand on each other’s ideas and pool their narrow-mindedness.

For some reason, on this particular night Dele finds himself not wanting to listen to their criticism. He excuses himself and steps out onto the platform for some air. Their discussion is so intense; they don’t even notice his absence.

Standing there, leaning on the railing, Dele sucks air into his lungs as he thinks about Glory, a beautiful, young 18-year old student in his physics class. He closes his eyes and tries to visualize her naked body, imagining nipples and guessing whether her pussy is trimmed or natural. His dick stirs as he thinks about her thick lips and how they would feel…

“Mind if I join you?” His thoughts are interrupted as Lola steps out on the balcony and lights a cigarette. Dele moves his leg, so his sister-in-law doesn’t see the bulge in his pants as they stand beside each other gazing out over the balcony, enjoying the peace and quiet.

“Not at all,” He smiles.

“As hateful as they are about anything sexual, it’s a wonder they ever had kids,” Lola says, taking a drag on her cigarette and blowing the smoke out over the railing.

“I know what you mean,” he laughs. “I just wish they hadn’t instilled so many of their negativity in their kids,” He adds, without meaning to disclose so much.

“You too?” She asks, raising her eyebrows.

“You know, I just meant,” he stutters. What did he mean?

“It’s okay.” She touches his arm. “I understand. Yinka is a wonderful man and he treats me like a princess, but sometimes…” Her voice trails off as she shrugs and stamps out her cigarette.

“We better get back,” She says.

Dele watches her ass jiggles inside her skirt as she walks ahead of him into the house. He’s never thought of his sister-in-law sexually before, but he swears she’s adding a little extra style to her walk today. So her sex life isn’t any more exciting than his. Interesting.

Bisola and Dele had long ago fallen into a routine of having their monthly sex after the dinner party at her parent’s house.

It is straight sex, with no foreplay and no variety. Bisola goes into the bathroom, brushes her teeth and lubricates herself, from a tube. He’s already in bed naked, when she crawls under the blanket before removing her nightgown. She lies on her back and spreads her legs as he positions himself over her.

With erotic thoughts of his sister-in-law making him hard, he penetrates his wife’s artificially lubricated pussy. As always, he’s gentle and loving, still hoping for a reaction that never happens. As he feels her warmth envelope him, he mechanically pumps in and out while visualizing the sway of his sister-in-law’s firm ass. He has a momentary flash of Lola’s face, contorted in ecstasy, and her voice urging him to fuck her harder.

“Come on, Dele!” He hears her moan. “Fuck a woman like she needs to be fucked!” He complies with her wishes, slamming his hard dick into his wife’s pussy while visualizing his sister-in-law lying under him. He vaguely hears his wife’s surprised gasp as his body’s urgency takes over and he drives his dick deep into her unsuspecting pussy.

He pounds faster, his chest pressed into his wife’s breasts and he can’t help but think about Lola, wondering what her nipples would feel like rubbing against him. He imagines her face and lowers his mouth towards her moist lips. Before he can complete the kiss, his dick explodes, bringing him back to reality. As his hot cum sprays into his wife’s pussy, he notices the confused look on her face.

“I love you,” He whispers as he kisses her tenderly on the lips, before disengaging his tired dick and rolling off of her.

“I love you, too,” she sighs as she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower away any evidence that they actually had sex. This is part of the ritual too, but tonight she forgets to put her nightgown back on and he is treated to the sight of her naked body as she hurries into the bathroom.

His dick starts recovering immediately as he wonders how Lola’s body compares to his wife’s. Lola is about three years younger and from what he has seen has a killer body. He falls asleep dreaming of his sister-in-law.

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