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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: Dangerous Addiction (Episode 44)


It really did. I had lost my baby and so I was free to kick back as many drinks as I wanted and drink I did, and I was happy that Ifueko and the girls didn’t object, according to them I really needed it and I wasn’t gonna argue with them.

To them, I was single and available ever since Ogo granted that interview where he revealed that he was just a concerned friend to me the whole time he was up at the hospital with me “neglecting his business” which was something he never ever did. I smiled when I read it, he didn’t deny he said it and he didn’t agree so I just let it go but it pained me ooo.

It really did. I had lost my baby and so I was free to kick back as many drinks as I wanted and drink I did, and I was happy that Ifueko and the girls didn’t object, according to them I really needed it and I wasn’t gonna argue with them.

“Are you enjoying yourself baby” Ifueko whispered seductively in my ear (after an hour or so) so I could hear her over the ridiculously loud music. I nodded smiling back just as seductively, her succulent breasts were swaying inside her dress and my pussy was creaming with how much I wanted her nipples to caress it.

I was just about to ask her to come with me to the ladies when I felt a strong presence behind me.

“Would you like to dance beautiful?” The strong baritone said, it felt like music to my ears and I turned slowly away from Ifueko to stare into a pair of captivating brown eyes. He was about a foot taller than me and his shirt about a size too small, his smiling lips looked like he had been sucking on them, they were moist and begging to be kissed.

I gulped and tried to still and control myself, trying my best to tell myself that he was ordinary nothing like my husband and lover. I had seen men, plenty the ones at my workplace, fine ass IT guys who didn’t know what to do with themselves, men in my church who had asked me out countless of times and men on the street but this guy was like a mix between my Derah and my Ogo. I tried but I couldn’t hide the lust in my eyes or my nipples that had beaded and were now fighting for release from my dress.

I saw a conceited smile spread over his lips and I smirked in return, I turned towards Ifueko to see if it was okay, somehow not wanting to feel guilty for the thoughts that were running through my head. I saw all three of them give me thumbs up with very excited faces and my heart melted even just a little, aside from the families, they knew what had been going on and they were still the first to tell me to kick rocks and have fun even if it was just once, if I was going to get properly hitched before the whole country I wouldn’t be able to do stuff like this anymore.

I turned towards my hunk of a stranger but he was gone and my heart sunk, I turned back towards the girls and shrugged “oh well” but just then strong arms wrapped around me and a whiff of Tuscan leather filled my nostrils. “Thought I had left?” the owner of the arms said. It was the beautiful stranger, he hadn’t left after all. He had started to move his body and I was grinding my body against his crotch that felt like it was had been hard for a while now.

I wasn’t the best dancer like my friend Tinu or a singer like Ifueko or creative like Bella but I did know how to seduce a man, not a very useful skill in the modern world but it usually got me what I want.

I made sure my ass rubbed slowly against his crotch and I felt it twitch appreciatively against me to my delight. His arms were still wrapped around me as we moved slowly to the rhythm of the music amidst sweaty bodies dancing around us, his hands came up to cup my breasts and I closed my eyes not even minding where we were.

It felt perfectly normal to me even though this was the first guy I had been with in over a year of being with Derah and Ogo, Ifueko still stayed dutifully in front of me, dancing in such a way that it covered the way assault happening on my breasts right now.

The stranger’s hands squeezed my breasts slowly and gently for all his was worth, I took one of his hands and moved it down to my throbbing pussy, still moving seductively and dancing to ‘Yeba’ by Kiss Daniel one of my favourite Musicians in Nigeria so far. I closed my eyes for a moment just enjoying the feel of this stranger and his daring, I had decided not to wear underwear and I was glad I made the decision. The space was tight but I was able to open my legs wide enough for him to properly penetrate my pussy which he did with vigour, biting my ear lobe and licking all over my neck as he did so.

But I almost keeled over when I opened my eyes and they caught with fire. I stared at him and he stared back at me, anger blazing in his eyes, I could see how much he held himself, how much he fought for control not to march over to us and cause a scene. He was never one to do such unless in the confines of his house and among familiar people.

He hated negative publicity and still all anyone could call him was the ruthless business man with no heart. That he quite liked.

I blinked for just a second unable to hold his scorching gaze and when I looked again, he was gone. Was that a figment of my imagination? Did I dream him to be there because I would really rather he was the one fingering the shit out of me? I needed help. Here was a young man doing the best he could to make sure he ended up fucking the shit out of me somewhere later on and I was busy pining after my men who hadn’t touched me in weeks.

I disengaged from him though even though I was enjoying his touch and the sheer smell of him and I pulled Ifueko from the man’s face she was devouring.

“What now?” she said out of breath by the time we got to the toilet.

“Ogo is here, we should leave” I said whispering and looking around making sure there were no bloggers or journalists around that might misquote me. Ifueko’s smile slowly died

“Ogo ke? What do you mean?” she replied

“ssshhh look, I don’t know, I just know I saw him and he looked really mad” I whispered, she folded her arms then.

“Why do you care, didn’t he tell the whole world that he was just a concerned friend?” Ifueko said, she had also been quite upset by that interview and she had been giving Ogo the back hand ever since, and for the first time ever Ogo had not been able to do anything about it which was why she was so eager to get me out and see me have fun. Now she would prefer if I didn’t end up with either men, this new Ifueko was more loving and attentive and fierce.

She had also been poisoned and I guess it gave her a whole new outlook to life. I loved her even more for who she was becoming and where she was coming from of course, but I was still in love with the men in question and my body still yearned for them everyday AND I wanted to marry one of them before everyone who cared to watch this time.

I needed a clean slate, to start anew and I would not make that happen grinding and fucking strangers at clubs, if it was Ogo, he was sure to have gotten home by now and told Derah what he saw and the way Derah had been carrying on like he was the only one that had lost a baby he was bound to lose his freaking shit. I just needed to make Ifueko agree with me or I was leaving them all here.

“See ehn, I don taya for those men. We both know what I have been through but I have decided to do the ceremony Ify and I want to start afresh. I wanted to have fun and now I have had it, now can we please go?” I said shifting from one foot to the other losing my patience slightly. Ifueko narrowed her eyes at me watching me intently, her arms still crossed over her ample bosom, she seemed to give what I said some thought biting her lip as she considered my stance.

I wanted so badly to kiss her, in that time no one came in to the bathroom and I pulled her against me and smashed my lips to hers kissing her ferociously and she kissing me bac with just as much passion. She pulled away just as quickly as the kiss started and she held my face and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Fine, I will get the girls” she said resigned most likely after seeing the determination in my eyes.

“No, I don’t want to spoil their night, let’s just get out of here” I said and Ifueko nodded, texting Bella most likely as we left the ladies. We drove home in silence, my mind filled with images of the many things I wanted that beautiful stranger to do to me. I was tired all of a sudden and I planned to take a long hot shower and go to bed immediately we got home. if Ogo wanted a fight he wasn’t getting one from me tonight.

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