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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 6)



Distant voices could be heard outside, in the offices down the hall, but there was no one at the door yet. Alexander went very still and I sucked on him hungrily, easing him deeper. I ran my tongue around the sensitive underside of his cock as I took him as deep as I could take it, drawing on him with a building, circular suction.

With my hands and my mouth, I pumped him, increasing the pace. He exhaled a curse and I knew he was close, my fingers explored secret, intimate avenues, until his cum spilled into my mouth in sudden, furtive bursts. I swallowed as I continued caressing him with my tongue, until he was completely spent. I drank all of it, licking him clean. It took him a minute to recover.

I tucked him back into his pants and zipped him up. “my my” he breathed, touching a finger to my chin and tipping my face up to him. he pulled me up and held me close “That was…”

“I love you” I whispered cutting him off. His eyes went wide, the colour leaving his cheeks. This must be the first time I was saying this to him. I don’t even remember but his face stretched into a beautiful grin that lit up his face, enchanting me.

“You are so in for it tonight” I smiled and stepped away from him, smoothing my clothing. I gave him a look that let him know that I was up for it. for him. for anything that had to do with him and his promises.

“I look forward to it Mr. Gold” I said with a business-like, assistant worthy subservience. So will I, Mrs. Gold. He stopped me in my tracks with that one. Mrs. Gold hearing him say it sent darts of too many emotions to name to my soul.

“Nne, are you ok?” he said to me. I nodded.

Alexander went to the door, unlocking it. just then two men approached the door, talking, entering. They were followed by nine more people.

The meeting had begun.



The team of executive editors walked into the room, talking and laughing like it was any other day. Like all this shit was normal. Like I wasn’t waling some fine line between heaven and hell, the heaven part began to dissipate, scattered by the sudden intrusion of twelve of my top employees. And the hell was about to get a whole lot more intense.

I was still trying to gather myself after an impromptu orgasm that had been so quick-rising and mind blowing that I was still reeling. I felt like my heart was beating somewhere outside my chest, exposed and bloody for everyone to see. I had to glance down for a second just to make sure I was fucking zipped up. it was probably a good thing Becca had sucked me off five minutes ago because there was no way I could have kept my cool otherwise.

Because sitting right across from me was Olajuwon fucking Ajanaku. A guy who’d worked with me for five or six years who was friendly enough, who I’d socialized with from time to time and gotten to know, who I’d once had a conversation with about Pool and who’d ended up joining in our occasional game.

Who’d been there that night.

Pool night.

With her. Touching her.

What the fuck had I even been thinking? How had I allowed things to get that out of hand? I’d been completely unprepared for her reaction. Yeah, I had revved her up and planned it that way, for me. So, I could tease her and torture her like she’d done to me since the minute she walked into my life like a million-watt lightning bolt of sexuality that she didn’t even know she had but whose sole intent was to twist my heart and soul into tight pleasure knot.

I hadn’t anticipated how turned on those beads would get her, she wouldn’t take no for an answer, right there in front of the boys. She’d offered those yellow breasts into my mouth. She’d begged me, pleading, demanding, and I’d gone with it. of course I had… she’d been so wet I hadn’t been able to see anything past that juicy pink pussy.

I’d forgotten everything but her, she’d cum right there on the fucking pool table, laid out on a bed of money like a goddess Yoruba mythology had forgotten to document. The Goddess of orgasms.

By the time reality kicked in, they were already there, before I could even react or fight them off. Now the memory was too rage-inducing to handle. If I could’ve blocked it out I would have but it flashed through my mind in excruciating slideshow detail. Emeka had been kissing her face, Tola’s hands played with her soft hair, and Juwon Ajanaku had kissed her breasts. Licking those perfect rosy nipples that were MINE

He was looking at her now. I could see it on his face: he was remembering how she felt. How she’d tasted. I was about to fucking lose it. My inner animal was seriously craving to break free. I couldn’t do this, but Becca was looking at me.

She could tell I was about to go ballistic, maybe. She was watching my expression, carefully, reading it. she placed her hand on my thigh, under the table and just left it there, holding me in place.

She recognized him and I am sure she knew what was going through my mind. it was good. That light warmth calmed me a little, diffusing a single degree of my fury. I had to take it, I had to own up to the fact that it was my own damn fault.

For putting her in that position, for not letting her cum before the start of the Pool game when she’d asked for it, begged for it. for not insisting she cover up a little, to save the skimpy, practically transparent outfits for me and me alone. I’d been blinded and blindsided by the tsunami of lust that was so new to me.

Of course, I’d experienced lust before, but not like this. Oh boyyy, nothing like this, this lust was mad and brutal, like it had one hand gripped around my heart and the other hand firmly around my balls. That old version of myself had been entranced by Rebecca Adaure Nwachukwu.

Covetous and wild, now I was so in love with her and lusted after her daily I could barely see straight.

The emotions were ten times more complex. And if I was going to spend a lifetime both protecting her while simultaneously allowing her to work and live her life, I was going to have to man up and calm the fuck down.

Olajuwon Ajanaku wasn’t the only one riveted by Becca. They were all staring at her, at the vision that was Becca, my Adaure, my Honey girl. The transformation was powerful but she had captured my heart from the moment she smiled at me that first day.

A few curls from her natural curls had escaped from the bun she had tied, her full lips were pink and almost swollen… from the blow job she’d just given me. I resisted a sly smirk at Juwon.

God help me.

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