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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The Conquest (Episode 50)


My heart pounded fast and I released a low whistle, I saw Fatimah get up and leave while the wife in question tried to cringe out of sight. “Why you evil….!” Audu begins lunging at her with his hands around her neck attempting to squeeze the life out of her. I lunge forward myself and…

“What did you just say to me?” Audu says taking a step closer but she doesn’t move.

“Oh yes, I have known about that for a long time. See Audu you have taken everything away from me but everyone around you has betrayed you in more ways than one. Ask your first wife and her first daughter why they found Ella so delectable, why, even I had a good taste for myself and she was delicious” she says taunting.

My heart pounded fast and I released a low whistle, I saw Fatimah get up and leave while the wife in question tried to cringe out of sight.

“Why you evil….!” Audu begins lunging at her with his hands around her neck attempting to squeeze the life out of her. I lunge forward myself and try to get him off of her and eventually succeed.

“This is not the time. When we have Ella back we then you can kill anyone you want to” I say looking at Ahmid’s mum and everyone in disgust. What kind of fucked up family is this? Audu straightens up, pure anger and something akin to sadness lining his features.

He looks at me, cold fury in his eyes, so far myself and his bodyguards and the soldiers that line the room and the house are the only ones who have not “betrayed” him.

“Take as many men as you need and go and get them. Don’t bring them back her because I never want to set eyes on either one of them ever again” he growls and he walks out of the room. There is a knock on the door then and soon I hear familiar voices and my heart soars. I can’t believe they came!

I follow everyone out of the large living room to where the laughter was coming from to see the new arrivals. Dayo and Gozie come forward first while Nike hangs back.

“Guyyy! How far, you nor tell me say you go show” I say to Dayo clapping him on his back after we exchange hugs.

“Here for you men” he replies. I give my brother a heartfelt hug and look behind him to Nike who steps forward gingerly eyeing the people crowding around behind me.

“She may be a bitch but unfortunately you love her and I love you…so…” she says shrugging and I envelop this sweet girl in my arms. It was on! If Ahmid did really take my girl I was going to get her back by any means necessary even if I had to do the shooting myself.

Ahmid’s mum pushes through the crowd and brandishes her phone in my face.

“You wouldn’t believe the text I just got” she says with a straight face. I look down from her cold face to the screen to see just one four letter word on it ‘HELP!!!!!’ and it was sent from Ahmid’s phone. It had to be Ella and that was all the fuel we needed.

Dayo and Gozie peeped into the phone as well and when I turned to them their expressions were the most serious I had ever seen on them.

“Tell us what you would like us to do brother” Gozie said placing a hand on my shoulder. My blood had already begun to boil before we heard another beep and Ahmid’s mum showed me again.

‘WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE’ it said. I ignored the fact that Ella thought to message her and not me or even her husband but then again, she doesn’t know I am here and we all know her husband is a bloody asshole.

I growl and turn my attention to the guards trooping in showing them the messages, the second one confirmed Ahmid’s mum’s earlier confession about a property he has in a most remote place in Kano. It is so fucking on! Ahmid’s mum steps up to me and I back away subconsciously but she smiles.

“Please step inside please, there is something I have to tell you” She says firmly and then she turns and walks off.

Ella’s POV

He had to be exhausted, only that would make him leave his phone out on the table. Albeit on the far side of the bed but I had to reach it. I hadn’t seen it in almost two weeks that we have been here, I had to give it a shot and damn the consequences but then I realized after spending two Sundays here that Ahmid was quite serious about this abduction and this was probably where I would spend the rest of my life. the prospects of never seeing Dumebi again, tugged at my heart.

Did he even know I was missing? Did anyone? I never saw Ahmid on the phone so did that mean that no one called him asking where I was? I felt really bad, I knew they hated me and used me but this wasn’t fair at all. I love sex, trust me.

Like who doesn’t? Ahmid has made my body sing and my pussy want more the past 12 days but I can’t take it anymore. Just like his mother, he is insatiable and he cannot stop, now that it’s just the two of us I fear that he will wear my pussy out to the point that I dread sex or get me pregnant and that would be the worst thing to happen.

I try to pull away from his strong hold, we had had marathon sex again just like the first time since I teased him about him not being as good as his mother. He had fucked me so hard I couldn’t breathe and yes, I did lose my voice but boy did I love it. my body had never been used so thoroughly that way and now I know that jealousy fuels him but I am smart enough not to go too far because I really don’t know what he is capable of.

He fell asleep just moments after we fucked and I was quite grateful for it, carelessly leaving his phone unattended. I wait for him to start snoring, his breathing becoming thick and labored. Then I come down and he doesn’t move then I tiptoe around the bed and take the phone so fast you can barely see the action. I had to move to the far end of the room to turn on the phone luckily he was one of those that didn’t have a password, claiming he had nothing to hide.

I quickly sent the text I needed to and deleted it hoping that he wouldn’t find anything amiss before help came, if it ever did.

I turned and watched him as he slept, he looked so beautiful, so peaceful you would never have guessed that he was so twisted and insane. I hurry back to the bed before he turned in his sleep and notice I was gone from the bed. I placed the phone back where it was, turning it off like I met it and went back to bed. He moaned a little and his arm went around me instantly and I froze, was he awake this whole time.

“Where did you go?” he murmured against me dreamily

“I had to pee” I replied almost immediately hoping I didn’t give myself away, he hummed and moaned again into my neck and snuggled up closer to me. I pulled his face off and placed a soft kiss on his lips to distract him, slowly he kisses me back and all thoughts about five minutes ago escaped both our minds.

Dumebi’s POV

Ahmid is fucking crazy! His mum is too if she has had to put up with that kind of offspring for three decades. Now I appreciate my mum more for putting up with me my whole life! Ahmid’s mum narrated to us the real reason why his ex- fiance left him. none of us even knew he had been engaged before.

Apparently, he is an obsessive psycho and dangerously jealous, the poor woman had had to flee because when he bought her that house in Kano he didn’t add that it was going to be a prison for her because he felt that she was too close to her male coworkers. She is an engineer and she had no other choice than to work closely with them.

It was never confirmed that she cheated but when he told her that they were going on holiday to a lovely resort in Kano she got suspicious as he had already started behaving funny by that time. She told everyone she new that if she wasn’t back after a week they should start looking for her, she didn’t stay up to a week.

Of course, he didn’t want her to be suspicious of him so he didn’t take away her phone but by the time she got wind of who he really was, she got the hell out of there. this made me even more scared for Ella, more than I had ever been.

You had to wonder what his mother’s role was in all of this, she knew too much and protected too much because nobody in her family knew the things she told us back in Abuja.

You need to have seen their faces! Amirah had started to cry and all I wanted was to get the fuck outta there, we had wasted enough precious time. Audu did not show his face again and so we had no choice but to leave without him, this was a conquest of love. Something I know he wouldn’t understand.

Ella’s POV

I hold on to him tight as I rode him, our bodies covered in sweat our lips attacking each other’s wildly and voraciously. I sat on him and he was sitting up so that his lips could kiss and his tongue lick everywhere they could reach.

“Yes baby! Ride Daddy’s dick like a pro” he grunts against my neck. he licks the sweat that drips there and holds me tight till it becomes painful. But I don’t mind his sharp grip as spasms of pleasure run up and down my spine and all over my body.

I tilt my head back almost in total submission to his powerful dick and gasp silently as my body shudders and convulses with my climax and his comes to almost at the same time making this the first time. We both freeze in each other’s arms as we catch our breaths.

“I love you baby. I love you so much” he whispers endearingly kissing everywhere his mouth could reach, I cringe at those words, they were the last I wanted to hear and especially not from him. “You make me so happy” he continues. He pulls my face up and looks deep into my eyes, searching for God knows what.

“Tell me you love me too honey” he said a little forcefully. I frowned a little. How can the first time I ever say those words to a man be to this lunatic? I wanted to cry, I had just cum in a mighty way and I wanted to cry the next minute.

Can my life possibly get any worse? All of a sudden there was a loud sound of tires on the ground around the house and we both sit up, Ahmid on red alert more than me, I decided instead to pretend like it was a total shock.

“What the fuck was that?” he says fiercely looking at me angrily, his mood had soured in just a split second. I had to get away from this guy. I choose wisely however to feign indifference.

“What?” I say holding on to him tightly to keep him in place so that whoever it was would catch him off guard but that plan didn’t work as he lifted me clean off him and set me on the bed. He held on to one of my hands while he pulled on his abandoned boxer shorts then he went to a locked cabinet and unlocked it, pulling the key out from nowhere. He pulled out a gun and I gasped.

“Ahmid, what the hell?” I shriek

“Shut up” he growled and then pulled me in front of him “Move” he said and pointed the gun in my lower back. I almost pissed on myself, what the fuck? This was not how this was supposed to go down and who were these people? Did Ahmid’s mum send troops? Did Audu come? Suddenly there was a loud bellowing and I was forced to stop and cover my ears.


“Fuuuuuck!!” Ahmid growled

“Who are they?” I said lightly feigning ignorance again.

“My mum probably figured things out and sent them. She is the only one that knows about this place!” he growled then he kicks at a table that held a nice vase and it all came crashing to the floor. “That old bitch!!!” my eyes widen never having heard him speak about his mother using those exact words. He pushes me forward and guides us down the stairs slowly looking around him for any kind of intrusion. I am still naked and I hope he has a plan to get some clothes on me.

“I hope we are not going outside” I say, he jabs me with the gun again and then lowers his lips to my ear where he licks and sucks in my earlobe.

“Not unless we have to baby” he growls again his other hand snaking up to my hair where he grasps it tightly and pushes me forward. We have reached the ground floor and approaching the front doors. He moves me a little to the side not losing his grip of me and uses the gun hand to shift the curtains aside a bit.

I try to sneak a peek myself and all I could see were a sea of uniformed people. My heart began to race, they really did come for me, but who???

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