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Erotic Story/Minxie B: Valentine has rough but pleasant surprise for Lily



“What are you doing for Valentine’s day” The text message read

I swear if I have to answer that question one more time I am going to shoot someone. Valentine’s day is upon us and it seems everyone has caught the valentine bug,it’s always valentine this valentine that.

It is great for business and terrible for my sanity, I have painted and delivered a lot of valentine pieces so my bank account is not complaining

“No, I’m not going on a double date” I replied the text unanswered question

I wrapped up the piece I finished this morning and took it downstairs to my assistant that I sent to get me a drink

“It better be my village people that have my drink” I called out

“I can’t find your wine corkscrew” She called out from the kitchen

I carefully dropped the wrapped piece and headed to my kitchen, I found my assistant going through an open cabinet with a bottle of rose on the counter

“If you break that bottle eh” I started walking towards her

I grabbed the bottle and walked towards my dish rack before picking out my corkscrew. I walked to her and held up two fingers

“How many fingers do I have up” I said to her

“Better get your eyes checked” I continued joking

I opened my drink and poured myself a glass,we walked out of the kitchen together with me enjoying my drink

“So what’s the plan for today” She asked smiling

The look I gave her was enough to start a fire, she nervously took the piece and quietly headed out. The hype on Valentine’s day is so annoying, I think I need something stronger.

Grabbing my purse and keys I headed out to my favorite bar

“No no no no” I repeated as I banged my head on the steering wheel

The bar looked like something a valentine monster puked on with couples dressed in red trooping in with hands interlocked, I stepped out standing by door trying to muster up the courage to go in. I was about heading in when I saw a guy walking out of the bar looking like he just lost a bar fight

“Fuck valentine day” I heard him say as he walked past me

“Yes fuck valentine” I said before I could stop myself

He stopped in his track, turned around and smiled at me. We totally had a Nollywood moment

“Is this the part where I ask you to marry me” He said breaking the silence

“Give me a break” I said rolling my eyes

“Urmm know anywhere we can get drunk without all this madness” He asked gesturing to the couples scattered around

“Yeah my place” I said

We drove to my place with him driving behind me, when we got to my place I got out my car and waited for him to walk to me

“Welcome t ..” I started before he kissed the rest of the words out my mouth

He pushed me against my car door and kissed me harder, I kissed him back harder tasting the gun he had earlier, he lifted one of my legs pushing into me. Soon he was pulling my t-shirt over my head before throwing it behind him, his fingers are in my hair pulling me into him.

He lifted me off the ground making me moan into his mouth,my legs snaked tightly around his waist.

He carried me around to the side of the bonnet before dropping me roughly on the bonnet, his mouth not leaving mine he undid my trouser, he pulled away from me and roughly pulled my trouser off. With an evil smirk he snapped my black thong

“That was my favorite thong asshole” I snapped before he covered my mouth with his

I moaned deeply into his mouth as I felt the head of his cock rubbing against my cunt, without warning he rammed into my dripping cunt.

I threw my head back looking at the beautiful sky as he rammed in and out of me, I grabbed his ass and pushed him further into me. He thrusts harder and harder and I can feel myself build up

“Oh fucccck” I exploded wrapping my legs tighter around him

He held me and pumped into me faster and faster before pulling out quickly his cum hitting the top of my cunt

“Fuck valentine” he grunted as he spilled more on me

“Yes fuck valentine” I said laying down on my bonnet

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