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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 12)



She gripped the sheet harder as Edward spanked her again. She wanted to turn around and plead with him to stop but she knew that would only push him further. There was only one way to make all these go away faster , she thought to herself as she began moaning out loud and hitting her ass back against his pelvis.

He spanked her again but this time his palms stayed on her ass and gripped her so hard that she could feel his fingernails digging through.

“Fuck! Fuck! I am cummmiiimnnnn…….”. He was groaning out loud behind her as his grip on her ass eased up. Thank God, she had gotten a condom on him this time before fucking. She rolled her eyes as he emptied himself into the rubber. He pulled out of her and fell right by her side with a gasp.

She had put her face back in good shape just in time. He looked and her and laughed.

“Fuck, babe. One of this days, you are literally going to kill me” Edward said as he pinched on one of nipples.

“Kill you? When you are the monster. I am not sure just how much more of you I can take” She said as she got off the bed.

“Where are you going?” He asked lazily.

“I need to take a long hot shower” She turned to look at him and his limp dick with a condom bag of semen.

“Maybe I should join you” He tried to raise his head up from bed but he just fell right back.

“You better relax and gather your strength. We have still got a full day to spend here” She winked at him as she grabbed a bag and stepped into the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and heaved a sigh of relief.

She opened the bag and pulled out a dildo. She stared at it for a while before kissing it, she let her lips play around the tip as she closed her eyes and thought of the pleasure it brought her.

When Edward had first made a move at her, she had been just too happy to give in. Asides the monetary and gifts benefits she knew was going to come her way, it was a good chance to have a different dick fuck her after all these time. She had been the faithful wife for the first four years of her marriage but then she had gotten bored.

Her husband was okay in bed, right dick size to have her gasping for air whenever he dug into her but after the first two years everything had gone downhill. The problem was not with her husband, she knew that for sure. He was still his usual self when it came to sex but after the first two years, she no longer had orgasms with him. If he had noticed, he did not show or he simply did not care.

So, she had bore her dissatisfaction in silence, that is till Edward made a move on her. She had jumped at him and proceeded to fuck him in the office the first chance she got. She had not be prepared for the shock that was waiting for her when she unzipped his trousers to have her mouth measure him. She could not explain what she was seeing, his dick was just like some twin finger battery.

It took great restrain for her not to hiss and stand up. She calmed herself and proceeded to suck or in this case, kiss his dick for a while before he had pulled her up hungrily. Spread her out on his table, he had gone on to give her the worst sex of her life. She was staring at him the whole time he was ‘fucking’ her and the expression he had on his face was one of ecstasy. His eyes closed and groans that indicated that he was in heaven.

She thought of what she could probably gain from him and gone on to give a porn star like performance complete with soundtracks. To her surprise, he lasted longer than the average man though that did not make up for the lack of filling she had in her pussy. He finally came to and told her she was the best fuck her had ever had and judging by the look he had on his face, she could not doubt him.

If she was having any doubts about fucking him again, the cheque that was waiting on her table the next morning was more than enough to dispel any doubts she had. Ever since then, she had been stuck with having unfulfilled sex with her husband and boss, well at least her boss spoilt her. Then she had gone ahead and bought herself a dildo to fill in the gaps. Why could she not find a man who gave her as much satisfaction as this rubber gave her?

She thought as she pulled the dildo off her lips and took it lower between her legs. The gasp that escaped her mouth was loud enough to fill the hotel room but luckily for her, Edward was fast asleep.

Ada peeped in for the third time that night to make sure the children were asleep before heading downstairs to look for the maid.

“Ego, I am heading out for a vigil. I would be back very early”.

“Okay ma” The maid knelt down in understanding. Ada nodded and went for her car keys.

Five minutes late she was driving out the estate and past the junction leading to the church. The air and freedom between her thighs told so much about what the night was really about and she could not wait.

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