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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 5)


For the sole reason, he just stood there with his hand on the door knob and between the ladies. Ada stared at Aisha and could only focus on her wet hair and the water dripping over her shoulders. For some reason she could not explain, the drops of water seem to form a tail that…

The silence was going on for longer than Olumide expected, he wanted to say something but he was not sure how best he was going to play this. Or if push came to shove and the ladies went at one another, whose side was he going to be on?

For the sole reason, he just stood there with his hand on the door knob and between the ladies.

Ada stared at Aisha and could only focus on her wet hair and the water dripping over her shoulders. For some reason she could not explain, the drops of water seem to form a tail that ended right between her cleavage which had a towel firmly tied around it. She shook her head to get the idea that was about to pop up out of her head before it went any further.

“What is going on here?” Ada finally whispered breaking the ice.

“Eeerrmm, why don’t you come in first?” Was the response from Aisha.

Olumide stole a quick look at Aisha and tried to decipher the look on her face. All she had was a smile and when it came to women, He knew a smile could mean a million things. Was she planning to attack Ada? Or why did she ask Ada to step inside? But then he realized that Aisha possibly had no idea why Ada was here in the first place. She could be here for some casual visit. Casual visit without Edward? He thought again but whatever it was, he stepped aside and let Ada walk past him and into the Lion’s den.

He saw it a little too late, Aisha stretched out a hand and grabbed Ada by the neck. Before he could react and get in between the ladies, Aisha was kissing Ada. He froze where he stood as he watched Ada fight and struggled to get loose of Aisha’s grip but the hold on her neck was too firm.

Aisha was obviously stronger, He knew that, he watched as Ada gradually stopped fighting was to his amazement, she was wrapping her own hands around Aisha’s ass and pulling up the flimsy excuse for a towel she had wrapper around her.

He did not know when his jaw dropped and his mouth stayed opened watching his friends’ wife make out, one of the wives a supposed pastor. True, he fucked her occasionally but it had started in a drunken state and had taken all of his seductive techniques to get her panties down in the car.

But this! What was before him right now was a whole different level. The towel was off Aisha’s body now and just hanging somewhere between the two women. Ada had a hand on one of Aisha’s boobs and was squeezing it up as hard as she could while she also pulled on her nipples. In all these they never broke off kissing.

Ada could not explain how or what was happening. She had stepped in at Aisha’s request. Thinking there was some reason she was half naked in her husband’s friend’s apartment. Then the kiss had come, Ada had never felt so violated in her whole life. The kiss had repulsed her at first but as she fought and tried to free herself from Aisha’s hand around her neck, she felt an all familiar warm feeling between her thighs. The warmer the feeling got, the more feeble her attempt to be free got.

At the end, she had just given in to the feeling and her body was no longer hers. It wasn’t hers when her hands had found their way to Aisha’s ass and started feeling her up. It wasn’t hers when they had gotten to loosening the towel, neither was it hers when they had gone up to her breasts and started playing with them with focus on the erect nipples.

Then she had felt Olumide’s hand around her waist as he got to unzipping her skirt yet she had not made any move to stop him, neither did she break off the kiss. The last thing she remembered was Olumide ripping off her panties and his dick sliding into her.

“Welcome back, ma” The gateman hurried to the side of the car to greet Ada as she parked and got out. She merely nodded at him and made her way into the house. All through her drive home, she had thought of the perfect excuse to give her husband for not going to pick up the kids. She had seen over a dozen missed calls on her phone after Olumide and Aisha had finally let her go.

A couple from the school headmistress and a couple more from her husband. Finally, she had decided on a lie, Aisha had an emergency and needed her help. In between her rushing over to Aisha’s, she had misplaced her phone somewhere. With that lie in mind, Ada had flung her phone into a bin on her drive home. She could get a new one in the morning.

So she walked into the house with a newly found confidence, she turned into the living room and saw her husband sitting on the three seater couch with a bottle of white wine by his side. It was this new found confidence that made her approach her husband and kiss him on the cheek.

“My love, there wa……” That was all she could say before she felt a hot sting across her face.

She fell back and on the floor. She sat up and opened her eyes to see but everywhere was dark, it was in this darkness that another slap hit her.

“Edward” she called out.

“Never ever in your life! Are you listening to me?! Never in your life abandon my children!” Edward yelled at her.

She regained her sight in time to see him walking away and then it was all dark again.

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