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Erotic Story: The girl I met on the beach (part 1)


I went to the gym and did a little exercise, so I decided I was going to the for a run instead.

As soon as I got to the beach I took my shirt off and began running, I had my phone with headphones connected in my hand and was bouncing to the music.


I was running between the hard, wet sand and the loose, dry sand. Within the first 10 minutes of my run, I saw these girls about the same age as me and we ended up making brief eye contact as I passed by. I threw in a little nod and gave a smile.

I turned around and ran the other way and by the grace of God, the girls were still in the same spot. I decided like going for a little swim, but I didn’t want to risk getting my stuff stolen as it was fairly busy. I asked the girls if they would mind if they could watch my stuff as I went for a swim, and they agreed.


I went for a little swim, came back, started chatting the girls up and one of them asked if I wanted to hang out later, and i said yes, we exchanged numbers, and we separated.

I got home, had my bath, and waited for her to send me a message. Then I got a message sometime in the afternoon. She lives not far from me, and she provided her address somewhere around Lekki Phase 1, and off I went.


I arrived and I brought my sling bag with me packed with my phone charger and some condoms.

She met me outside her house and led me in, we started watching some TV. We chatted a bit while watching, although we were seated far apart from each other After a while, she moved closer to me, only that this time she sat on my laps and I immediately had a boner.

With the look on her face, i realized she felt it. She looked at me, gets up, grabs my hand, and takes me to her neat room and we sat on the bed.

The foreplay begins. She starts to give me a handjob and then a blowjob and it was my first one so I really had no idea what to do with my hands.

I lay flat on my back so I kinda just put one hand on the back of my head and and the other on her back.

Then I go down on her and that was also it was my first time at something. Things were getting heated, so after foreplay, I bring out a condom and she helps put it on, I was able to maintain the erection by jerking myself off while going down on her.

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