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Everything Changes! 5 things about sex that married people understand better than anyone



Sex is an enjoyable act, and unmarried people usually have some of the . They indulge in all sorts, have sex in public/private places, all sorts of . It seems like an Olympic event with the participants throwing up great performances like a concert.

The truth is that married people are more realistic than others. Life goes on, there are other things on the list of to-dos, so it’s not just about sex anymore. Here are 5 things that married people know and don’t have a problem with when it comes to sex.

1. How many times a week it happens

It’s normal not to have as much as sex as when you’re dating.

As unmarried or dating couple, , and if the numbers reduce drastically it can be seen as a clue to having problems in the relationship. If the numbers drop in marriage, it’s not that serious, not unless its drops astronomically. The number of times sex happens can drop due to other activities happening, the kids, work, stress and sleep.

2. You should know what your partner loves

You’re failing as a spouse if you don’t know what your partner likes in bed at this point. Unlike a dating couple who are trying to discover themselves. Married couples know where the buttons are and where to press them.

3. Doesn’t have to be the best sex of your life all the time

The sex isn’t going to blow your mind every time.

Unmarried people/dating people always try to put out their best performance everytime which is commendable but the married people know each time you have sex isn’t going to be an explosive time, and they deal with that appropriately. If it’s not good today, tomorrow it can be fantastic.

4. Cuddling

While dating, it’s almost customary to cuddle after sex. So, about that after marriage, if you don’t want to cuddle, he/she understands because sex might not be the last thing on their list of to-dos of the day. The spouse could still have things to do, like doing a little laundry amongst other things. Married people understand this so well.

5. Dressing up for sex

She won’t be this dressed for sex everytime, and that is fine too.
(The Coli)

It’s usually sexy when the underwear match, such a beautiful sight but married people know this would only happen a handful of times because…life. There are other things, this is the real world. Not like it isn’t going to happen but not as often as when you were dating. So, if you can get the sex, brace for it, and go get some.


There isn’t usually a schedule for oral sex. Ideally, should be mutual. She gets it and then you get it. Married people know this doesn’t happen all the time, sometimes he gets it, the other time she gets it and both may get it together a few times. It won’t be like the dating days.

Unlike when you were dating, almost every opportunity you see of each other won’t lead to sex because you’re probably used to it all by now. Yea, and the make out sessions too will reduce as life continues.

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