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For Ladies: 7 sexy ways to up your foreplay game


Foreplay is awesome for both men and women, and it’s actually nice to be properly warmed up before any strenuous physical activity.

Most women definitely want more foreplay before they enjoy the pleasures of intercourse, and this makes foreplay essential to building sufficient arousal before penetration of any kind, and most of us can’t just get enough.

Good foreplay does really lead to great sex, if you are wondering why the need for foreplay. Naturally women need foreplay to have good sex. That’s a really good reason not to cut corners with it.

Foreplay is really important and really beneficial because most women tend to take a longer time to get into the mood. But sincerely women need more time to open up. Foreplay helps lubrication flow and makes intercourse a lot more fun.

See 7 ways below…

1. Foreplay is a thing of the mind

Foreplay should start long before you get under the sheets. Think about things that will increase your sexual desire. And also, let your thoughts be expressively about what you want to experience when you’re with your lover. Therefore, allowing foreplay to start in your imagination, you’ll not only key into the mood but also give your body the soul food it really craves for.

2. Play around the whisper game

Make sure to let your erotic imagination lead the way. Sometimes you can speak softly into your lover’s ear, saying nice things like ‘You look sexy in that shirt’ or ‘I love you.’ Then waggle the inside of your partner’s ear with the tip of your tongue and take their earlobe gently between your teeth. That would surely send shivers down their spine every time.

3. Want something, ask for it

Most lovers really want to know what your sexual bucket list is and would be willing to go on the interesting adventure with you, but some just don’t know what to do if you don’t ask. If you can be more specific about your desires for more foreplay, you may find out you have a more than obedient partner. So take some time to think about what your body truly desires.

4. The striptease

Remind your partner of how sexy you are by letting him see you undress. Start by raising your skirt above your thighs, let your hair loose. Then slowly unbutton your blouse, giving him that fierce sexy look between each button. Finally, undo your bra and cup your breast as the straps fall off your shoulders. It’s going to make him go nuts.

5. The good old-fashioned grinding

This is an oldie but goodie! When a woman is still clothed, grinds against your thigh, it shows she’s really turned on, wants more foreplay and can’t hold back to get into action. Cheers to dry humping!

6. Send a sexy text

Send a lustful text to your lover every now and then. ‘Hey, bae I want your dick in my mouth tonight.’ Send playful, erotic little notes and it’s definitely going to send a signal of sexual craving. Sending direct requests to your lover is incredibly hot! Try to cultivate a relationship where you both make requests for what you are craving so you can better serve each other.

7. Take charge in bed

Don’t be in a rush, but If your lover is always in a rush to move straight to intercourse, slow things down by taking control. Ask your lover to relax on the bed and then take your time lavishing his body with slow touch. Every time your lover tries to touch you, lightly slap their hand away and let them know that you are in control for the moment. Gently build the anticipation and only allow your lover to touch you when his desire is urgent.

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