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For Men: How to make it smell really good down there


Sometimes you or your significant other will have an odour going on that may get in the way and is a possible setback for you or your sexual partner.

However, the genital region has many sebaceous and apocrine glands, which make oil and sweat. This is also an area that can get overheated under items of clothing, and all this can lead to the growth of bacteria that can cause some awful smells.

Below, are some easy ways to help keep it under control.

1. Get products to help improve your smell

Get some nice products to help keep your dick region smelling nice all day, every day. You don’t have to be worried you’re not smelling tip-top down there by trying some of these products: Coconut oil, dude wipes, talcum powder etc.

2. Stay dry

Always stay dry down there. So, after you’ve had your bath, make sure you’re dry down there before you put on your boxers and don’t wear loose-fitting boxers put on underwear like boxer briefs that will take away liquid or moisture away during the day. Also, after engaging in strenuous exercises, make sure you shower.

3. Go for checkup

STI’s could also be a major factor of the offensive odour emanating from your dick. So, if you’ve had unprotected sex in the past few weeks, you might have caught one. In order to be on the safe side, you should be getting tested for diseases every six months or if you notice any symptoms of diseases.

4. Wash every corner well

There are a lot of folds around the groin areas. So, it is really important to really take your time and wash all of the crannies. However, uncircumcised men need to wash under the foreskin as well with soap should. But it is not ideal to use an antibacterial soap.

5. Trim the pubic hair

Keeping pubic hair doubles the chances of staying heated and it traps in moisture and odours. But keeping neat and trim is a good way to stay smelling your best.

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