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Funny But True! 5 stupid myths that have become popular



It feels strange to start a story about sex by quoting the Bible but here it goes anyway, there is a verse that says people perish because of lack of knowledge, that’s paraphrasing the real passage. There are so many untrue stories floating out there about sex, we’re here to debunk them.

Let’s look these popular myths that have propagated popular culture.

1. Condoms feel awful

The myth that condoms are terrible isn’t true. Better to be safe than sorry.
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Sadly, this is one of the most popular ones, but this isn’t true. The risk of having sex without condoms are enormous, there is pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases which can be disastrous to overall health. If you wear a condom, you can be relaxed in your mind that you’re preventing unwanted diseases and pregnancy, giving you time to enjoy the sex without your mind flying in different directions. Michelle Horejs, an associate director of training and youth education at Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles, shared this, “It’s going to feel so much better if both of you are relaxed and comfortable,”. Condoms make sense, and it’s simple, they mean safe sex.

2. Without penetration, you cannot contact STD

This is a complete fallacy, it’s quite possible to contact STD/I from oral sex. Horejs shares, “So many people think that only certain types of sex spread STDs,”. She continues, “But oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex — they all put you at risk.” There you have it, it can happen through anyone.

3. I’m the only one left out

You’re not the only one left out. Many more people like you.
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It’s common to think that you’re the only one not having sex but that’s just absolute crap, not everyone is doing it. Some people are celibate while others are still virgins. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Just don’t go around telling people that you’ve not, just keep the information to yourself, rarely will anyone ask you. They will ask a question around it.

4. Drinking doesn’t always make it better

Being drunk before having sex might sound like a good idea, but you run the risk of two things happening to you. One is not being able to get it up, loosely named Whiskey Dick, which is a turn for that state when you’re too drunk to get an erection. The second risk is delayed ejaculation, this happens when the man finds it difficult to have orgasm despite minutes into hours of thrusting. They’re both bad in their regard.

5. Death by blue balls

He will not say die by blue balls, that’s enough of that myth.
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This is a trick that guys try to pull on ladies especially when she takes back consent during sex or just before sex. The arousal process pumps blood into the nether region, and orgasm or ejaculation sends the blood back, so when he doesn’t ejaculate or orgasm, he can use the blue balls as an excuse, but the truth is that it all goes away after a couple of seconds.

According Horejs, “If he doesn’t want to wait it out, he can choose to masturbate to release the pressure.” There you go.

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