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How To Guide: 5 ways to have hot sex during pregnancy


During pregnancy, you may feel irritated, pressured and bloated amongst every other thing that comes with pregnancy, and we know the last thing you want to engage in is SEX.

It’s actually very safe to have sex during pregnancy, although doctors do recommend skipping the missionary position during the third trimester since lying on your back can reduce the amount of blood going to your baby and put a strain on your hips.

Check out 5 ways to have hot sex during pregnancy below…

1. If your breasts hurt, wear a bra

Having breast tenderness is one of the first signs of pregnancy, so you may be experiencing some pain and aches in your boobs. And the thought of having them bounce during sex? No thank you. Just do yourself a favour and put a bra on, just in case things get jumpy for your tender breasts.

2. The peasant

The peasant is a kama sutra style in which the pregnant partner leans back against their lover’s lap and opens their thighs to allow for manual clitoral stimulation. Peasant pose is a gentle reminder that sex doesn’t need to be penetrative to be enjoyable.

3. Make sure you are comfortable

Before any form of penetration, make sure you are comfortable. Your main guide in the bedroom when you’re pregnant should be how you feel and listen to your body. What feels most comfortable? What turns you on? With that said, keep in mind that later in pregnancy, you should…

4. Doggy style

Ever tried doggy style during your pregnancy? Doggy style sex is great during pregnancy because it doesn’t put any pressure on the abdomen. Having sex bent over can feel animalistic (they don’t call it doggy style for anything), so it’s a great reminder that mothers to be are still people with urges.

5. Get in the mood

Sex during pregnancy can have some really awkward moments, so don’t attempt it if you’re not in the mood to get it on. Light some candles, take a long, hot bath, or take turns giving each other massages. Whatever puts you in the mood, just do it!

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