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Libido: 5 little things that are killing your sex drive


We all deserve a healthy, fulfilling sex life, but so many little factors in our everyday life can lead to a diving sex drive.

Not engaging in sex can lead to tension between you and your partner, however, everyone occasionally has a night or two where they’re just not in the mood, while, frequently not feeling it is a red flag.

Below are some factors killing your sex drive.

1. You have a snoring partner

Most times you just feel like hitting the person sleeping next to you with a pillow doesn’t exactly put you in a good mood. And the disturbed sleep you both experience can kill any passion you feel for each other. But if your partner’s the one with the issue, try and visit a doctor to discuss sleep apnea.

2. Overthinking

Not getting close to your partner at all in the evening because they’re worried might be affecting your sex drive. So it’s best placing a priority on kissing and cuddling, and then taking the next step from there, only if you both feel like it. But taking the pressure off yourself to have sex can make it easier to feel aroused, naturally.

3. Fatigue

Sleep is essential for your sex drive, as less energy means you’re less likely to be in the mood. In other words, make and keep a date with your pillow and you’ll soon want to make a date with your partner.

4. You have a tight work schedule

Taking time to work out, whether it’s going for a walk, or resting your head a bit won’t kill your sex drive. However, exercising increases blood flow, which creates an endorphin rush, and can make you feel good about everything including those sexy moves your partner loves.

5. You are not a fan of H2o.

Dehydration can wreak havoc on your libido. Not only can dehydration cause headaches, but it can also cause vaginal dryness, which can make sex painful and orgasm harder to achieve.

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