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Morning Sex: 5 ways to make it a mind-blowing experience


Morning sex has some amazing health benefits which include the feel-good chemicals that can even strengthen your immune system.

For the guys, there’s a reason why it’s called morning wood, and there is actually no better time to get down than just when you wake up.

For more orgasmic experience, you should try the amazing tips below.

1. The night before should be for preparation

Notwithstanding, preparations take a little of the enthusiasm out of it, it will make sure she doesn’t reject your approaches. Make sure to have some mints on hand because having a nice morning breath is very attractive, also don’t forget your condoms.

2.Wake up before her

Wake up earlier than her, and be careful about it. Don’t set an alarm she’ll hear, it might ruin the whole plan. However, try to set your phone’s alarm to vibration and put it under your pillow.

3. Hygiene is key

Having a proper hygiene is key. You’ll have a hard time getting her into it if you don’t look and smell good. Make sure that you either shower before bed and put on some cologne.

4. Wake her in a soft, romantic manner

Start off by gently kissing her neck, back or chest. Just choose a spot that doesn’t force her to move. If she’s laying on her side, her back and neck are great places to start. Put your arms around her and caress her gently. Also, giving her soft, sensual kisses and touches will wake her up in the proper mood.

5. Try to always make her feel sexy

Try to use a soft form of dirty talk to make her believe she is desired and beautiful. Whisper in her ear and tell her how good she looks, or how amazing she is. Women need a little more stimulation to really get in the mood, so spending extra effort on foreplay will make her feel desired and your lovemaking even more amazing.

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