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Seduction: 7 amazing ways to leave him wanting more


Generally, to keep a man satisfied in bed is not just about bending and touching your toes, not even about the sexual poses. There is actually a lot more to it than that.

To be honest, we all want to learn new and impressive ways to satisfy a man in bed, below are great tips to leave him wanting more.

1. He likes it with the lights on

Turn on the lights. He wants to see that sexy body and get stimulated by watching you two getting down and dirty. Don’t hide under the blanket. So, be brave and keep them on because you being confident is a huge turn-on.

2. The striptease

This might seem like a difficult task or weird to you. Just try it and watch him drool over you. Start by doing a slow and sensual strip tease for him with a nice rhythm in the background. Also, remember to wear a sexy lingerie.

3. The role play

It is a good escape from reality to be creative in your relationship, most especially, your sex life. Role-playing can be erotic and sexy for both of you, so why not give it a try today?

4. Invest in sexy lingerie

Invest in a sexy lingerie today. Being sexy is about looking and feeling the part. Do not wear the same old granny panties day in, day out. Get your confidence back and get some hot and sexy underwear, he will surely appreciate it.

5. Do the kama sutra

Talking about new positions, why not invest in this famous sex book and see how many of them you can master? Or try some tantric sex. The kama sutra surely has lot’s of position you can try out.

6. Touch yourself

Guys love it when a woman has the confidence to touch herself in bed. If you want to turn him on, then don’t be afraid to do this. Start by touching your clit, and grabbing your boobs, or even putting your nipples in your mouth and watch him go bonkers.

7. Switch positions

Add more flavour by trying new positions. The secret to satisfying sex is variation. Make sure you don’t get into the same old routine and mix it up by changing position lots.

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