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Sex: 3 coitus positions that are better when you add a pillow



Stacking pillows for a sex prop would make a lot of difference. A little tweak to an angle or a bit of a butt-propping is everything.

So grab some willing pillow participants and go to town now with these steamy positions .

1. The valley of fire

Make a pillow valley with big stiff pillows under his back, then more under his bent knees and thighs. He sits in the little sex valley between. You get on your hands and knees straddle his dick facing away from him. This removes the usual weird angle issues of reverse cowgirl and adds more precise internal stimulation.

The valley of fire


2. Rampage

The Rampage is kind of like making a grown up-pillow pile , but really worth the extra set-up time. It’s extra good for men who are not huge down below because they won’t slip out, plus they have a free hand to stimulate you with hand or toy.



3. Deep dive

Prop pillows under your butt during the usual traditional missionary. But not just a few pillows, a lot so your hips are even with his penis. Slide your ankles up by his neck and he can give you the kind of deep penetration that will make your eyes roll back in your head.

Deep dive


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