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Sex: 3 important things you must do after love making


Taking care of your sexual health is one of the most crucial parts of your sexual life. Just sustain a simple practice to keep your vagina in check and your body STI free.

We know the last thing you want is to end up in the clinic with a UTI due to you forgetting about things to do after sex.

See 3 post sex rules below.

1. Urinate within the first 10 minutes after sex

You do have to urinate after sex. If you don’t urinate after sex or flush your urethra, you might be creating room for bacteria which can lead to a urinary tract infection. So, 10 minutes is safe to hit the toilet just after a little cuddle time.

2. Check for bleeding

Some women sometimes bleed during intercourse. And this is normal except you have vaginismus, vulvodynia or another ailment which induces painful sex. So, take time to check for vaginal bleeding. But if you observe regular bleeding after sex, you should spend more time on foreplay to ensure vaginal readiness.

3. A shower will do

You don’t have to shower immediately you have sex. You can wipe yourself down with a mild, odourless wipe. This will keep things fresh. However, when you do shower, simply rinse the entire vulva with warm water and do not use soap because if soap is being used, it can cause irritation.

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