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Sex: 3 orgasmic positions to try if your partner can't sustain erection


Declining to get or stay active doesn’t have to turn into weird embarrassment.

Don’t freak out or blame yourself and just figure out a different way to have fun. Below are some sensual positions to try.

1. The gritty slip

The gritty slip


You sit on his lap and leaning back, so your head is hanging down toward the ground. He strokes your clit with his thumbs and tantalizes you with his penis. If his penis happens to gets into it, he can start jerking himself off too or pull you up on his lap for seated cowgirl-style sex.

2. Dog pointer

Dog pointer


Try doggie position with your legs spread extra wide and if he loses his erection, there are benefits. He can pull out to stroke himself or he can continue penetrating with his finger on the underside of his dick acting as kind of a splint. If it’s still just not happening, have him hold his well-lubed penis against you and keep thrusting.

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