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Sex: 3 things you should never say while doing it


During sex we don’t want to make our lover feel incompetent, we don’t want to say the wrong thing, and we don’t want to be needy.

So, always try to avoid doing or saying things which definitely not lead to well-deserved orgasms.

It’s more about how you express it. Nothing is absolutely straightforward when it comes to sex.

Instead, make sex hotter by not doing or saying these things below.

1. Pretending

Faking orgasm and pretending the thrusting feels good when it actually doesn’t is something not ideal. If your lover just keeps thrusting and totally ignoring your clitoris, don’t fake the moan. Tell your partner how to do it better than telling them it’s not working, So, make your partner feel good about his or herself while getting what you want out of the situation.

2. Don’t be rude about your partner’s look

Tell your partner how great they look. Pick a body feature that turns you on and comment on it. It’s not the time to rudely body shame your partner. The bedroom is a great place to let him or her know she is sexy. So, concentrate more on all the aspects of his or her body that turn you on.

3. It’s not time to bring up negative relationship issues

Do not have important annoying relationship issues during sex, enjoy the moment and channel your erotic energy into it. Don’t get us wrong, it’s actually nice to have honest conversations with your partner because communication is key. However, don’t talk about it during sex.

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