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Sex Fetish: Some people have a sex thing for body piercing and tattoos



Like we have been discussing the past couple of days, there are things that people love that can be considered weird but can become sexual satisfaction for them. Today, we’re interested in piercing and tattoos.

There are people who , , and , others like to .

It’s really weird out here, and it’s fine.

Stigmatophilia is the name for this condition where body modifications (piercings or tattoos) done with a needle can cause sexual arousal. Piercing on the nipples isn’t only beneficial to your partner, but the owner of the nipples as well because it has been revealed through research that nipple piercing can increase sensitivity in that region.

Seeing tattoo on ladies can also be a huge turn on for some men.

The fancy name for being turned on by body piercings and tattoos (body modifications done with a needle) is stigmatophilia.

The turn on for people who love piercing and tattoo can the look of it, it can also the sensation of metal in the piercing when it’s touched during sex. For me, I was once with a lady with tongue piercing, I’ve got to say that the metal was warm, and it definitely made the darn thing better.

According Antonia Hall, MA, award-winning author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-OrgasmicLife, relationship expert and psychologist

“Piercing can include piercings in the belly button, face, tongue, genitals, and other body parts. Often those into piercings will find a partner who is also pierced. The turn on can be anything from the visual to the feel of the cool metal of the piercing. Some people like to lick, suck and tug on piercings,”

People who love piercing on their partner might be into because of the feel of metal while making out.

One very important thing about fetishes or sex in general is consent, make sure your partner is into anything you’re thinking of doing. If you’re also talking your partner into getting a tattoo, you should know she isn’t just puncturing her body to make you feel good but she also wants it as well.

People also know that it’s important to be carefully around the piercing, not to yank at it, and put your partner through a horrific pain, especially with the piercing around the nipple and the clitoris.

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