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Sex Secrets: 5 pleasurable things all women want in bed


Women come in different body sizes, shapes, and sexual urge. The woman’s sexuality covers not only the partner of their choice for sexual activities but it also includes their bodies, sexual expression, and sexual identity.

Women naturally have different taste in bed. Below are a few things that are pretty common.

1. Protection and peace of mind

Be prepared, and assume you are doing it with a condom unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. Don’t pressure her to take it off halfway through or look dumbfounded with your dick hanging out of your pants like you’ve never heard the word “condom” before.

2. Communication

Communication is always key in every relationship. It’s actually very sexy to have a partner who asks if you’re into something or if you want it another way. You should make an effort to ask questions which will surely improve your bedroom skills.

3. Orgasm

The female orgasm is as important as the male orgasm. If you know you won’t be able to continue once you orgasm, make sure you let her reach climax before you. Don’t be selfish and let her “cum” too.

4. Clean sheets

It’s really not nice for her seeing a dirty bedspread. Lot’s of thoughts will be running through her mind – Was he with someone earlier? Why is he this dirty?… This is a huge turnoff for her, and if you really want that hot sex, you should keep your sheets clean always.

5. Foreplay

This is really important, you don’t want to just delve in and give her a tear, especially when lubricant is not available. Make her really wet down there, her V needs to crave the D really bad. This is not a race to the finish line! A little patience will carry you a long way. Besides, if the orgasm was the only thing that mattered about sex, there other ways to orgasm. So trust me, foreplay is just bae.

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