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Tales of Edy and Laura 2


Edy is about to be fired for standing up to his manager but he’ll make sure, he doesn’t go down on the job alone.

I took her hips into my hands and pressed her body into me as I tongue-fucked her pussy and super-tight ass hole.
“Oh fuck! Eddie, I need to feel you inside of me,” she whimpered as her long nails dug into my scalp as she grabbed the back of my head.
I quickly stood up and unbuttoned the zip on my jeans. I pulled my dick out into the damp night air and slapped the head against her juicy pussy lips. She jumped and tried to push back against me to force me inside her, but I was in a teasing mood. I dipped the head of my big dick between her juicy lips and slowly moved it up and down teasing her engorged lips.
She pushed back again, this time spreading pussy open with her fingers to invite me in. I pulled back and spanked her ass with my hard cock, letting Laura feel how hard and hot my dick was before ramming it deep into her pussy.
“Oh God yes,” she purred.
She pushed against the wall and fucked back against me. I ran my hand through her silky black hair and clenched it right at the scalp line, and pulled her head back firmly, making her moan with pleasure.
Her pussy muscles squeezed my cock, straining to pull me in deeper and not let go. With each stroke she became wetter and wetter; I struggled to keep from exploding inside her exquisite pussy. I reached around and felt her small firm boobs through the dress. I could feel her nipples rising against the fabric begging to be touched.

“Oh Lord, you’re going to make me cum,” Laura cried out.
Her body twitched and shivered as her orgasm flashed through her.
We were oblivious to the world; neither of us would have cared if we were being watched. My jeans were bunched around my ankles and Laura’s black dress was pulled up over her bubble ass.
Her muscles flexed as my dick slid in and out of that tight wet pussy. My dick glistened from the yellow street lights making as it plunged in and out of Laura beautiful smooth pussy.
She turned around swiftly, and I popped loose from her pussy. I pushed her back against the wall, her legs went up and wrapped around my hips like two greedy pythons. She braced herself against the bricks and lifted her hips to mine as I held her ass in my hands. We intently looked into each others’ eyes while she slowly impaled herself on my dick.
Laura slapped my face, hard and ground her pussy into me. She forced my dick deep into her drenched pussy. I was shocked by the slap, but it only made me want to fuck her more. She looked so sexy with her legs wrapped around me and her dress pulled up around her waist.
She pulled my mouth to hers, sucked my tongue into her sweet mouth as she moaned. Then suddenly she pulled away and slapped me again. My hands were full of her sexy behind and I couldn’t protect myself, which she seemed to enjoy. The burning sensation on my cheek made me desire her even more than I ever thought I could.
I plunged deeper, inch after swollen inch of my dick slid into the tight depths of her pussy. Her mouth made a silent “O” and her sexy eyes reflected the yellow lights. Her black hair bounced with each thrust of my cock like waves in the ocean during a violent storm.
Laura squeezed her eyes shut and a sudden orgasm detonated. I felt her pussy contract around my dick. I was almost at the point of no return, my cum churned in my heavy sac.
My head snapped back and my body trembled. Laura uncoiled her legs and slid down my body like a gymnast, she settled on her knees in front of me, and firmly took hold of my iron-hard dick into both of her hands. A pearl of pre-cum surged to the slit of my cock head.
She thrust her head closer and flicked out her tongue, and snatched the clear drop into her mouth. I shivered as Laura engulfed my leaking cockhead with her warm, wet mouth, then the shaft; easily and expertly consumed my whole dick. Her cheeks puffed out and her throat widened to accommodate all of my erection.
I marvelled as I stared down into those beautiful almond eyes as they looked up at me. Her face glowed, her lips kissing up against my balls, my dick gone, disappeared inside her mouth. She kept my member locked down in her mouth and throat for ten seconds. I felt hot, humid breaths steaming out of her flared nostrils. Then I watched her as she pulled her head back, releasing my dripping shaft oozing out of her mouth until she clung to the meaty cap of my cock with her teeth. She flicked her tongue over the tip of my rod then pushed her head forward again, and swallowed my over-engorged cock. I gasped for breath in the damp night air. Her head bobbed up and down on my pussy-slick dick, taking it to the back of her throat and beyond.
“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” She sucked me harder. Bursts after burst of my hot, sticky cum exploded into her mouth. Laura didn’t let a single drop hit the pavement as she moaned with pleasure.
Her hand milked my jerking dick, and made sure she drained me of every drop I could give her until she thought I was dry. I then uncontrollably shot one more burst of hot cum on the front of her black dress.
Laura looked down at the dress, scooped up my cum onto her finger.
“You bastard,” she said in a soft sexy tone, then licked my cum from her finger.
“This is dry clean only.”
“Send me the bill,” I replied, as I pulled my underwear and jeans up over my deflating dick.
“How will you pay to get it cleaned?” Laura asked. “You’re unemployed.”
“Yeah, about that. Why did you fire me anyway?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Laura answered as she drag her dress back down around her hips and leaned in to kiss me. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue.”I can’t go around fucking a guy who works for me,” she finally whispered.

The End

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Eddy Jones eJ77773@gmail.com
Eddy Jones [email protected]
3 years ago

Pls can you help get this movie, it called tales of Eve( thanks for coming) it is very interesting n educative

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