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Vagina: 5 surprising things men should know about it


The vagina is one of the best things to ever happen to the female anatomy. Having sex is a great experience. It’s good for one’s health and relationship.

However, as a man, you need to master some things about the vagina because it is delicate and can be complicated.

Understanding a woman’s vagina can easily improve a man’s love life.

Therefore, practice makes perfect, have regular foreplay and sex to improve your knowledge of the female vagina. Here are few things you should know about the vulva below.

1. Women also have an erection

An erection happens in men when the penis is swollen with blood because he’s stimulated. So, when a woman is aroused, blood flows through her clitoris, the little ball-shaped just above where the two inner lips meet. However, this makes the clitoris swollen and sensitive to touch.

2. Vagina means vulva

The vagina is the muscular, elastic canal which leads to the cervix and uterus. It is the passage where the dick or fingers are inserted and through which babies pass during birth. The vulva is the word used to describe all the external organs of the female genitals.

3. Lots of women don’t reach climax with just vaginal sex

Some men think that just thrusting harder is going to strike something the vagina that will make a woman come, but it doesn’t work that way.

Most women never reach climax by vaginal thrusting alone. So. foreplay and other external stimulation can be far more valuable than thrusting when it comes to orgasm for women.

4. Not what works for female A works for Female B

Every woman is different. the way you stimulate or what turns Bisi on might not turn Jane on. In order words, different strokes for different folks. Most men make the mistake of using the same technique to please every woman.

5. Clitoral nerve endings is a powerhouse

In case you don’t know this, the clitoris has an estimated 8,000 nerve endings which serve just one purpose and that is to make a woman feel really good. Thus, the clitoris is very sensitive to touch and women can be easily aroused during foreplay and different sex positions. So, just take time to learn what works for her and not assume all women get aroused the same way.

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