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Wild Thoughts ! Ways to make her have dirty sex with you


Often times the minds of men are filled with the thought of sexual pleasure that will send an average woman running. However, this doesn’t mean your girlfriend doesn’t have a dirty mind also.

You can lead your girlfriend down the path of dirtiness by asking erotic questions like” have you ever had a threesome”? e.t.c. Questions like this should get her to open up and start sharing some intimate details of her sexual personality with you.

So in order to determine if the girl you’re with is open to experimenting with dirty sex, below are few ways to get her wild with you.

1. Talk about your wild fantasies with her

Start by telling her some of your fantasies and see how she would react. Hopefully, she will share hers too and when she does, make sure to weigh in more on her sexual fantasies in order for her to have dirty sex with you. But do not tell her about dirty sex you’ve had in the past with other women or your whole plot will be ruined.

2. Something new

You should think of something you’ve never tried before and ask her if you both can try it. So if you want to get her to have dirty sex with you and you act like you’re an expert in the area, chances are she’s going to freeze up on you instead of enjoying herself.

3. Start a sex game

Start by talking about it makes it a lot easier than actually introducing the nastiness into your sex life. Adding a sex game might just be the big break you need. Better still, you can use your imagination and make up your own game together at home. The idea is to get both of you to open up and start trying things out. And if every other thing fail, you can do the traditional Truth or Dare.

4. Read erotic stories or watch porn together

You both can get in the mood by watching porn or reading some erotic stories. A lot of erotic stories can be found on the internet. So take a trip online together and pick out something that looks promising.

5. Always initiate

If you want things to get nastier in the bedroom, you always be the one to make the first move. Even if you’ve aroused her interest, she’s still not likely to start things off herself. So start talking dirty, set the mood and probably, she’ll follow your lead.

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