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(Album) Ayra Starr – “19 & Dangerous” Album ft. Foushee



Ayra Starr highly anticipated album “19 & Dangerous” is Out!

“19 & Dangerous” album houses 11 tracks, Ayra Starr features artiste, Foushee & Ckay, And worked with producers, Don Jazzy, Loudda, London and Andre Vibez.

After an impressive, self-titled 2021 EP that placed her among the vanguard of rising Nigerian pop stars, and lead single ‘Bloody Samaritan’ which is currently climbing charts, Ayra Starr delivers her official debut album.


Exploring relationships, betrayal and self-assurance on 19 & Dangerous, the artist chronicles the transition from adolescence to adulthood. âOne day, it just struck me that Iâm not scared of failing, Iâm not scared of mistakesâIâm ready to work hard to get to where I want to,â she tells Apple Music. âNo matter how much I fall, Iâm prepared for it. When you know that youâre not scared of mistakes, you become dangerous, because you have nothing to lose, really. Iâm 19 and Iâm dangerous. Iâm ready for everything

Throughout 19 & Dangerous, Starr remains bold and unapologetic, whether exhibiting her grandeur in banging earworms or acknowledging her vulnerabilities in heartfelt ballads. She showcases her vocal and emotional range as the projectâs mood shifts from sunny to gloomy when her lyrics dictate. Ranging from R&B to pop, soul and Afropop, the album features production by London, Kel-P Vibes and Don Jazzy while Ayra and her brother, Dami Aderibigbe (aka Milar), penned most of the songs. Here, she takes us through her coming-of-age story, track by track.

âCast (Gen Z Anthem)â

âIn Nigeria, when we say somebody is âcastâ, itâs like, âEverybody knows her. Sheâs been around.â So, I always get a lot of advice: âAyra, donât go and cast.â Even with the smallest thing, a woman has to be a hundred times more careful than a guy. She canât go to this place; she canât do that because she doesnât want to cast. The smallest thing can ruin a womanâs reputation. But Iâve come to this industry to break boundaries. So, if I cast, let me cast. In the beginning of the song, I used an Eartha Kitt interview, one of my favourite interviews of all time. She said, âLife is not problematic. We make it problematic.ââ

âFashion Killerâ

âI wrote this song with my brother. We are fashion-obsessed. My brother is an A$AP Rocky fan, Iâm a Rihanna fan, so we grew up with a lot of fashion. âFashion Killaâ by A$AP Rocky, we loved that song. So, when London sent us the beat, we wanted something hard, something people would feel themselves, too. I could just see people on the runway to this beat.â


ââLonelyâ is a sweet love song. The album has different moods: You have the badass, âCastâ, then you have the vulnerabilityâthatâs where âLonelyâ comes in. âLonelyâ is me telling a guy, âIf you donât like me back, remember that Iâm only human. Watch the way you talk to me and all that. Letâs vibe and all that.â So, âLonelyâ is like a lost-love heartbreak song

âSnitchâ (feat. Fousheé)

ââSnitchâ features one of my favourite artists, Fousheé. I love her with all my heart. Sheâs such an amazing musician. The whole song was a freestyle. She had sent me a DM that she thinks Iâm dope. Just imagine me seeing a DM from one of my favourite artists of all time. I was like, âI have this song that I really want you on.â I shot my shot and she was down with it, so that was great

âBeggie Beggieâ (feat. Ckay)

ââBeggie Beggieâ is almost like âLonelyâ. Itâs almost the same topic. The chorus means, âSee the way Iâm begging you. Do I look like those people on the streets begging for money? Youâre making me feel like Iâm one of those people because of the way Iâm begging you. And I know you are a fine guy and all the girls like you, but Iâm also a badassâsome other guys like me. So, donât use me.â Itâs a from-friends-to-lovers type of story. And I remember when I was in the studio recording it. I was like, âI want, like, a male POV on this story.ââ


âMy brother and I wrote this song in 2018 when we were still in school. This was one of the first songs we finished writing. Just thinking about it now, back then, we didnât know that this was going to be our life. We didnât even know we were going to record it one day. It was just something we did for fun. My brother wrote the first verse, I wrote the second one. We would imagine that he featured me on the song. We would write the whole music video treatments. Then, when Don Jazzy signed me, the first day in the studio, I started to record âKarmaâ and I was like, this song is such an amazing song. Itâs my love story with karma. Karma is such a good lover, because I didnât ask him to do the revengeâhe did it for me

Listen and Enjoy the full album below

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