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‘All young Nigerian men who own Mercedes-Benz are Yahoo’ – Policeman (Video)


A Police officer has been caught on camera saying all young Nigerian men who own a Mercedes-Benz are Yahoo boys.

A Police officer in Nigeria who was attempting to arrest footballer, was shocked to find out he had been recorded saying all young Nigerian men with a Mercedes-Benz are Yahoo Boys.


In the video shared by the footballer, the Police officer was insisting on taking him to the Police station because he was driving a Benz. He challenged the officer to know on what grounds he was intending to arrest him after he had shown him his ID card to prove that he is a footballer.

The Police man insisted he was taking him to the station because of what he was suspecting he was, Stephen then asked you suspect i’m a Yahoo Boy? He responded saying yes, all young Nigerian men who own a Benz are Yahoo boys.

Immediately he noticed he was being recorded while in the car making these comments, he instructed Stephen to park the “vehicle”. He became frantic asking him to stop.

Stephen challenged him asking why he cannot make a video since the Police man was insisting he knows what he was doing.

Watch the video below.

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