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R-Kelly begs judge to let him out of solitary confinement in prison


R-Kelly is pleading with the federal judge to remove him from solitary confinement in prison and put him in general population.

Defence attorney Steve Greenberg on Thursday filed a motion asking a judge to order the Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow the R-Kelly interact with other inmates of the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center.


Lawyer representing R-Kelly, Attorney Steven Greenberg filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming the solitary area in prison where the singer is confined is designed for punishment and not housing pending trial.

A lawyer says singer R-Kelly is enduring “cruel and unusual punishment” by being held in solitary confinement in a Chicago jail on sexual misconduct charges. He stated that Kelly has no meaningful interaction with human beings, no time outside getting sunlight, no access to media, no recreational activities, no face-to-face visitations that are not recorded, showering only 3 days a week and one 15-minute telephone call per month. And, he’s not permitted to buy snacks or candy from the commissary.

There are other examples, but Kelly’s lawyer says his client hasn’t violated any rules and has not been convicted of a crime, yet he’s being treated as such.

Greenberg claims Kelly is being punished because of his “celebrity status” and the fact he’s charged with sex crimes involving minors.

The lawyer is asking the judge to consider that solitary is taking a big toll on Kelly’s physical and mental health.

Leinenweber, who ordered Kelly held without bond in July, is to take up the motion next week.

Kelly is accused of sexual misconduct in Illinois, Minnesota and , in addition to federal charges.

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