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Tour operator calls out man who refused to pay after allegedly flying to Dubai with side chick on credit


A tour operator has taken to his social media page to call out a married man who allegedly flew to Dubai with his side chic on credit and has now refused to pay.

The tour operator, Damola- Irinajo and his associates called out another social media user, Olumide, claiming he has refused to pay, N980,000 spent on his vacation with his side chick after he traveled on credit.

In a post he has since deleted, he initially threatened to share his handle if he doesn’t respond within the next hour, he wrote;


This tweet is for you, yes you.

You have 1hr 10 mins to make a transfer of N400k to my account, and the balance of N580K within 24 hrs. If you don’t make it happen, I will copy your handle on this tweet , call your wife and pastor and also share ‘exclusive pictures’ here.

His associate went on to reveal who the culprit is. Doyin Mojisola took to her page and wrote;

I won’t condone nonsense with whoever messed up.
All the SUB about Dubai travelling without paying on @dharmorla tour… Na Olumide @fredliner009

According to another user, Adebayo Bankole Akintunde, Olumide had scammed Damola using fake alerts. He wrote;

So this one went to Dubai by scamming the tour organizers with fake credit alert and countless lies. This is a higher level of Yahoo Yahoo. Yoruba Invictus Obi Oshi.

@fredliner009 You betrayed our trust Bro.
You continued to lie so shameless while we probed for answers & solutions.
I’m totally disappointed. It shouldn’t be you.
How much is 980k that you will disfrace tourself and family this way?
Dubai no be by force now

According to another social media user, he revealed that Damola- Irinajo has seized Olumide’s passport and he has advised him not to return it to him but leave him there stranded. He wrote;

I’ve told Damola not to release his passport. Leave him stranded there. When baba pay, dem go DHL him passport to him.


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