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As the doors to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 opened, anticipation was high for
TECNO, global technology giant, had in store as this was its debut appearance at the congress.
As visitors entered the exhibition hall, a buzz of excitement could be felt as TECNO’s booth
came into view, an impressive display of the latest technology spanning multiple categories.


The new PHANTOM V Fold recently launched in Barcelona, Spain, a classic event showcasing
top-class technology and further entrenched TECNO’s top position in the technology industry.



At the heart of TECNO’s showcasing their latest innovation, the Phantom V Fold, alongside the
updated MEGABOOK. The excitement could not be hidden as visitors gathered around the
amazing and greatly advanced device. This was no ordinary smartphone – it was the world’s first
foldable smartphone with a left-right foldable design. The 7.5-inch display, made of flexible
AMOLED material, curved seamlessly in the middle, providing a captivating viewing

The PHANTOM V Fold is more than just a pretty face. Powered by the cutting-edge MediaTek
Dimensity 9000 chipset, it is a technology powerhouse. The 5-lens camera system, with a
50MP primary sensor, provides incredible photographic capabilities. Users can capture stunning
images from any angle with two lenses at the front and two at the back.


But it wasn’t just smartphones that TECNO had on display. The upgraded MegaBook S1 laptop,
with its 13th-generation Intel Core processors, is sleek and powerful. Weighing just 1.35 kg with
a maximum thickness of 13.5mm, it is the perfect companion for those on the go. And with PC
swift transfer through hand gestures, it supports TECNO OneLeap connection, data sharing, file
management, multi-screen support, and more.


For those interested in AIoT devices, TECNO has plenty to offer. The True 1 and Ultimate 1
TWS earbuds are perfect for music lovers on the move. And with a security Wi-Fi camera and
Wi-Fi router on display, TECNO showed that it is more than just a smartphone company – it is a
leader in the world of technology.


TECNO is an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 countries and regions across five continents. Since its launch, TECNO has been revolutionizing the digital experience in emerging global markets, relentlessly pushing for the perfect integration of contemporary, aesthetic design with the latest technologies.

Today, TECNO has developed into a recognized leader in its target markets, delivering state-of-the-art innovation through a wide range of smartphones, smart wearables, laptops and tablets, HiOS operating systems and smart home products. Guided by its brand essence of âStop At Nothingâ, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best and newest technologies for forward-looking individuals. By creating stylish, intelligent products, TECNO inspires consumers worldwide to never stop pursuing their best selves and their best futures. For more information, please visit TECNOâs official site: www.tecno-mobile.com


PHANTOM is a premium technology sub-brand of TECNO. Born in response to the growing global demand for high-end smart products, PHANTOM creates premium, stylish, bold devices that stand at the vanguard of innovation. As a pioneering international technology brand, PHANTOM empowers consumers to become pioneers and creators, enhances business and entertainment, and encourages new ways of thinking and doing with a spirit of modern individuality.

Infused with the brandâs signature flare, PHANTOMâs products are a source of inspiration for its audiences to be the leaders of change, to seek the extraordinary in their everyday lives and to elevate every experience to an unforgettable moment. To learn more about PHANTOM, please visit www.mobile-phantom.com.

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