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War: Ukraine announces good news against Russia


The Ukrainian military has announced what it described as good news in the ongoing war with Russia.


Adviser to the head of Kherson Civil Military Administration, Serhii Khlan said on Tuesday that Ukrainian military conducted what appears to have been their deepest strike yet into Russian-occupied regions of the country.

âThis morning there was good news, there was a very powerful detonation in Henichesk region,â Khlan said, according to CNN.

He said that the target had been on the railway between Henichesk and Melitopol, adding that they were still waiting for the official confirmation from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to him, “itâs a very pleasant newsâ, adding that âthe detonation was heard during 1.5-2 hours at this railway station, which connects Crimea and Melitopol.

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