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You borrowed money from Captain Hosa – Jaruma rants, calls out popular billionaire


Popular Nigerian sex therapist, Jaruma, who was arrested by Regina Daniels husband, Ned Nwoko, has allegedly thrown shade at the Delta billionaire.

In a post she made on her Instagram page, the controversial socialist alleged that the Billionaire is not truly wealthy as the public thinks and he in fact, borrowed a huge sum from late businessman, Captain Hosa

She wrote:

“He borrowed huge sums of Money from a real billionaire NOT AUDIO THOUSANDNAIRE Real ORIGINAL BILLIONAIRE CAPTAIN HOSA therefore he was so happy when Captain Hosa Died so that he won’t pay Captains family That is CHOP & CLEAN MOUTH ;;

This is not how he wanted it 0000000 he wanted for me to still be in prison till now but Prison officials saw a child so they called for my immediate release!!!! In their own words, this one go bring small pikin for us to babysit Grandpa, I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE TO U BECAUSE THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE & Younger ones are watching & learning how Jaruma will fight for her rights

OGA GO COMPOSED YEYE APOLOGY HE WANTS ME TO DO & I’m like wait, immediately u saw 2 little girls fighting, U SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME HOME TO SETTLE THE MATTER AS AN ELDER BETWEEN 2 LITTLE KIDS & I WOULD APOLOGIZED PUBLICLY INSTEAD OF GOING TO UR IG PAGE TO DESTROY ME X FOR ME, THE DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE ‘V PS- You only fear Prison if u have never been there before but once u enter Prison, it becomes a Normal LeLe for u You only fear something u have never experienced before but once it happens to u, you won’t care anymore ‘ `1

Finally Granpa, this is what u get when u bring urself down so low to fight a very little girl of only 17 years, same age with ur granddaughter after paying u N10,000,000 MILLION NAIRA AT ONCE NOT IN INSTALLMENTS 000000 U DID NOT DO THE JOB & YET, I’m still the the one u want to oppress, intimidate & silence f.; vomit vomit ;-; very disgusting vomit vomit.”


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