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McGregor: I Have Lots Of Options


Conor McGregor says he has a lot of options to choose from, after his little foray into boxing ended in a defeat to Mayweather.

McGregor held his own early in the fight, but could not hold his own against Floyd Mayweather.

The Referee had to stop the match in the 10th round, despite pleas from the Irish mixed martial arts professional not to.

Asked at the post-fight press conference whether boxing on is an option, McGregor said: “I’m not sure what’s next. I have multiple world titles in the UFC to think about as well as the boxing.

“I’m a student of the game and I’ve studied Floyd and it was an honour to share the ring with him. I will get back into my jiu-jitsu and freestyle wrestling training and we will see what’s next. I have many options in the sport of MMA.”

Many had predicted an early embarrassment for the boxing novice, but he said: “I’m a multiple-weight freestyle world champion and I was a little bit surprised at the disrespect I was shown. The disrespect for my skill took me back a little bit.”

McGregor said of the American: “You’re a composed individual. You didn’t get rattled; you made three game changes during the fight and that’s what a true champion does.

“I would have liked to see the end of the 10th and where it brought us, but he’s one hell of a competitor.

“I thought I put him out there and hit him a few times but then he started reading it and he began parrying a lot. I enjoyed the fight; it was a great contest and I’ll take a lot of stuff with me into my training.”

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