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Lenny and Dami have been friends almost all their lives but Lenny has been eyeing Dami’s mum for almost the same amount of time until the window of opportunity opens up.


Omolara Jacobs (Dami’s mum) took me by the hand and led me to the door. She took me in her arms and kissed me driving her tongue deep into my mouth, then she released the lip lock on me and dropped to her knees in front of me.
I remained still as she unbuckled my belt and unfastened my trousers. She took her time and then lowered them down past my knees. I could feel my dick rising to the occasion and my boxer shorts tented in evidence of my excitement.
Omolara smiled as she reached for my dick and then she massaged it through the fabric of my boxers. I groaned as she gently squeezed my shaft. She slowly pulled my boxers down my legs allowing my stiff dick to get caught in the waist band.
She continued pulling my underwear down until my dick cleared the waistband and move up and down in front of her face.
She lowered my trousers and boxers all the way to my ankles and then she pushed my shirt up out of the way. I rolled up my shirt and watched as she lowered her mouth to my dick.
She looked up at me as she moved her head up and down on my dick and the expression on her face was one of pure ecstasy. She gently held my balls in one hand as she worked her magic on my dick and I did not last long at all.
“Mrs. Jacobs, I’m going to cum,” I whispered as if someone else was in the house.
She, however, as she had done many times before stayed glued to my dick. I exploded in her mouth with one of my most massive ejaculations ever. It seemed like I kept cumming for minutes although I knew it was over in a matter of seconds.
Omolara sucked me dry again as she had done before. She kept my dick in her mouth for a seemingly long time after I came and she nibbled on it teasing me and driving me wild. I had tingles running through my body and I had to push her head away as I began to feel weak in my legs.
“I love sucking your big cock, Lenny,” she moaned.
Just then we heard her son Dami come back from playing football, so she quickly moved into the kitchen. I sneaked into the bathroom to straighten up my clothes and throw some cold water on my face.
I joined my friend Dami and his mother in the kitchen where they were putting away foodstuffs. Dami looked at me and nodded as he had no idea that his mother had just given me one of her fantastic blow jobs.
I nodded back at him and then looked at his mum who had a playful look on her face.
Dami earlier that day had returned from a visit with his dad for the week. His mother and father divorced several years ago while we were still in secondary school. Now Dami and I were students in university and we were home for the holiday.
His mum and I had been very intimate during the six days of Dami’s absence.
It had always been difficult to assess Omolara’s figure when she was wearing her clothes as she always wore long full dresses and skirts, typical attire for a conservative lady. However the first time, I saw her in tight and the way it hugged her curves, I appreciated her figure.
She had joined Dami and I at their sitting room, one night and it was the first time I saw her in tight outfit. Dami’s mother was very seductive. Her legs were muscular but shapely and her ass was very curvy and fleshy.
Omolara was small breasted but I was hardly selective when it comes to size of breasts, so it didn’t matter. At 41 years of age she looked good.
Ever since the day that I saw her in the tight gown, I had a small crush on Dami’s mom. Nothing ever happened though as I was too scared to ever make a move and she seemed very distant toward me.
All that changed when Dami and I came home from university during the holidays. Dami and I attended different universities but we remained best friends. My parents and I were not on the best terms and they didn’t care that I was staying at Dami’s house during the holidays.
I made the mandatory appearance on the very first day of the holiday at my parent’s house but the rest of the time I stayed at Dami’s house even when he was visiting his father.
The day Dami left, I stayed at the house while she went shopping. I was nervous because it was the first time I was alone with her in the house. I was staying in the guest room where I had stayed many times but always when Dami was home. Omolara, or Mrs. Jacobs as I always called her, arrived home close to evening time and she asked if I would like to have something to eat.
I told her that I wasn’t that hungry and she was glad because she didn’t feel like cooking. She put out some chin-chin and she opened a bottle of white wine. She was still dressed in her blouse and skirt but she had kicked off her shoes and her legs were stretched out on the family room chair.
“Come and sit in this chair here. I already poured you a glass of wine,” she said softly.
I sat in the chair next to the sofa and I looked at her shapely legs stretched out toward me. I raised my glass in a mock toast and sipped the wine.
I usually prefer beer but that wine was particularly refreshing. Omolara and I quickly killed the first bottle of wine.
“Lenny go get us another bottle of wine, my feet are tired from shopping today,” she requested.


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It’s interesting i love it

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