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His childish gimmicks eventually paid off, he’s super close to having sex with his sister’s friend but there is a snag. She has never been with a boy before.

Nonyes eyes caught sight of my hard on and didnt leave it. I think she wanted to see how big it was. Taking my right hand, I dragged my hand across the lips of her pussy and found her to be drier than in the room. She felt my hand on her womanhood and arched her back. Rubbing my hand around, I started to get her juices flowing again.
“Im a virgin,” Nonye said and looked at my face for expression. My eyes went wide as I glanced at her. She smiled and said,
“I’ve been with boys, I just haven’t done this.”
“I’ll be gentle,” I told her and patted her tender pussy with a smile. Using my left hand, I began tugging down my shorts. My dick popped from its confinement. The shaft was moist from pre-cum. I let my shorts slide off my hips and before they hit the ground, I was pointing my throbbing dick at her pussy and spreading her juices around.
“Ooooh,” Nonye moaned and I wasn’t sure if it was because she liked seeing my dick or the way my hand and dick were getting her all wet again. She lifted her right leg off the chair to raise her hips to accommodate me.
“I don’t want to get pregnant o,” she moaned softly as she bit her lip and felt my dick head spread her pussy open. ‘Ooh God, go slow,” she asked as her left hand came back to hold my left hip.
“I’ll go slowly, you’re tight,” I said as I grabbed her hips and tilted them to see my dick poking at her sweet pussy. Nonye’s round ass was incredible and I fought the urge to pound her hard.
“Spread your legs,” I told her as I leaned into her. My dick was about half an inch in and her juices were letting me to slip in further if only a an inch at a time. Turning her lovely little face to me with my right hand, I kissed her on the mouth. She responded hungrily and moaned in my mouth as my dick split her tender pussy lips open wider.
Nonye had thought about this day a hundred times and couldn’t believe her friend’s perverted brother was taking her in the living room. My dick felt so warm and hard as it worked its way in where only her fingers, a couple lucky ex-boyfriends’ fingers, her hairbrush and a dildo had gone in.
“Oh Lenny, oh Lenny,” She moaned in my mouth as my dick worked its way further. Nonye’s pussy was wet but as I slid inside her it became even wetter, giving me slow but deeper passage.
“That my girl,” I told her as I cupped the back of her head and pushed it into the chair.
‘Oh God, it feels so good, so good,” Nonye panted and pushed her ass back into me as her pussy opened up to me and allowed me to slid in. I met little resistance after I slipped in three inches so I guessed Nonye had lost her hymen already. Slipping my dick out, I pointed at her swollen lips and slipped back in, beginning to fuck at her pussy.
‘Please don’t cum in me, I don’t want to get pregnant,” she moaned out breathlessly and I had to laugh.
‘Don’t worry Nonye,” I said, “I’ve got other plans.”
“Oh God,” Nonye moaned as she felt my dick begin to slip in and out of her. She put her right hand on her clit as the sensation was driving her to an orgasm. Seeing this, I increased my thrusting and gripped both sides of her hips.
‘Come on Nonye, fuck me, fuck me” I told her and slapped her right ass cheek. She responded by rocking her hips and tilting her ass higher.
Nonye’s pussy was growing warmer on my dick and I knew she was going to cum again. Using my hands, I spread her ass cheeks and watched her legs and little pussy lips quiver around my dick. Her asshole tightened and she began to scream. Her moans were loud and I suddenly wondered if the neighbours might hear our little sexual adventure. Taking the back of her head, I turned it so she was face down to the chair and pushed her face into the cushions. Laughing at her predicament, Nonye moaned and groaned into the soft fabric as she came.
“Get up,” I abruptly told her, as her orgasm seemed to begin to subside. Obediently, Nonye kicked off her sandal heels. She looked at me with a smile and then spotted my rock hard dick. Reaching with her right hand, she grabbed it and immediately began stroking it.
Pulling her hand away, I threw myself down on the chair backwards so I was sitting with my legs spread. Nonye moaned an ‘uhhhh’ at my pulling her hand off my dick and now she stood looking down at me.
She smiled at my openness, my dick pointing straight up from my lap. She began to bend down between my legs but I stopped her.

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