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Drunk Sex: 10 reasons why it is just better


Getting drunk is not the best idea in the world. It changes the mental capacity and commonly makes you feel like shit, especially the next morning hangover.

However, drunk sex (as long as it is consensual) isn’t a bad idea. Here are ten reasons why drunk sex between two consenting adults is the best;

1. Takes away anxiety

Alcohol is one of the best ways to take away anxiety during sex especially if it is the first time with a new sex partner. With alcohol you feel unhinged and let your sexy beast come out with no fear of judgement.

2. You don’t mind doing it with the lights on

Who cares if the light is on or not. Whatsoever they think about your body doesn’t really matter now because you just need to get laid and can’t hold it anymore.

3. You don’t care about foreplay

You don’t have to worry about foreplay, you feel like ripping off her dress or his shirt. You are both really horny, he’s hard and you’re so wet.

4. You don’t care about their bedmatic skills

You don’t have to worry about how good your significant other is in bed, either. Whether you’re a learner or 50 shades of grey goddess.

5. They will most likely fall for you

The whole bonding and sexual action can wow them. Your willingness to explore with them is just enough to make them fall for you. Who doesn’t love a little bit of adventure?

6. Everything seems normal

Everything seems pretty normal. Nothing seems abnormal because you’re really high, so you’ll have a blast letting your fantasies play the lead role.

7. You might try anal

Always wanted to anal sex but not gotten the courage to? This the best time to try it and some other BDSM you wanna explore because you are totally out of your comfort zone.

8. Masturbating while your partner watches

Masturbating will become a norm at this moment. So, masturbating while your partner watches is something you won’t do normally, but you are intoxicated, why not try?

9. New sex positions

Try new sex positions. Drunk sex is the ideal time to attempt some crazy sex styles tantric, kama sutra and the acrobatic sex positions you’ve always wanted to try.

10. There’s so much time

Since time is pretty much suspended when you’re a science student, nobody keeps track of how long the foreplay lasts, or how long you’re able to maintain an erection.

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