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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 21)


“Are there any other lines we shouldn’t cross?” Folake asks, like she’s reading my mind. She’s pressed up against me but unfortunately it seems that four times might be my limit. My dick can barely register any excitement.

I tentatively put my hands on her bare back and pull her to me. Now that we’re alone it feels kind of awkward to be like this with my niece. When her friends were here, we could pretend she was just going along with their antics. Now it’s just the two of us.

“Are there any other lines we shouldn’t cross?” Folake asks, like she’s reading my mind. She’s pressed up against me but unfortunately it seems that four times might be my limit. My dick can barely register any excitement.

“Probably,” I answer, lowering my mouth to hers. We kiss more tenderly this time and, if possible, it’s even more erotic than when she attacked my mouth earlier. Instead of fighting for space our tongues are entwined in a tantalizingly slow dance. The kiss does nothing to dissuade me from crossing any lines.

“I’m so horny,” Folake says, breaking the kiss and focusing her beautiful eyes on mine.

“I watched you fuck my friends all afternoon.”

“What went through your mind while you were watching us?” I ask, my mind still burning from the passion of her kiss.

“I wished it was me,” she says, quietly. “Especially when you did Ruth twice,’ she smiles.

“What were you thinking about while you were fucking them?”

“I was wishing it was you, too,” I answer honestly.

“Really?” she asks, surprised. “Even when you were fucking Nkechi?” she teases.

“Even then,” I answer, my hands squeezing her firm ass and pulling her against me.

“Now what?” she asks the million dollar question. Now what, indeed!

“I think we should take your advice from last night and leave this decision for the morning,” I say.

“And not just because I’ve already cum four times today,” I laugh. Folake just holds me tighter without saying anything,

“In the morning there will only be two choices,” I tell her, breathing in the smell of her hair.

“Yes or no. There’ll be no room for maybe anymore, Folake.” She nods, knowingly.

“Yes or no.” I repeat, digging my fingers gently into her ass. My niece remains silent. “It’s okay, if it’s no.” I assure her.

“Feel how wet I am,” she whispers, after another moment’s hesitation. Taking a tiny step back, she gives me room for one arm to slip between us. I push my hand through her pubic hair and cup her pussy in my palm as she spreads her legs to give me access. My middle finger finds the opening dripping with heat as I trace my fingertip along her labia.

“Mmmm,” she murmurs as my finger effortlessly slips inside her steamy pussy and I pull my palm tightly against her pussy. She emits a low moan and then asks,

“Why am I the only one naked?” she asks.

Without waiting for an answer she undoes my shorts and pulls them down along with my underwear, momentarily dislodging my finger from her anxious pussy. Stepping out of my shorts and kicking them aside, I slide two fingers inside of her wet pussy as she presses her thigh against my limp dick.

I lean my face towards hers and our lips meet with an impatient eagerness as she jams her tongue into my mouth. My fingers explore her softness inside her overheated pussy as I finger fuck my niece.

“Will you sleep with me tonight?” she asks, panting as we break the kiss. “It’ll be easier to give you my answer in the morning if we’re already together,” she smiles. I nod and she leads me by my hand down the lobby to her bedroom.

“I’m going to want you to fuck me in the morning,” she says, looking totally confident with her big eyes focused on mine. I smile broadly as I nod my head, not trusting myself to speak.

“I don’t mind if you wake me up early,” I say as we crawl under the covers.

“Don’t go to sleep just yet,” Folake says, lying back and spreading her legs invitingly.

“Is your tongue still functioning?” she teases.

“You bet!” I answer, crawling up between her legs. Her pussy is soaking wet as I tease her labia and lick around every crevice and fold.

“Oh Lenny!” she moans when I flick my tongue across her clit and slip my finger inside her wet opening. I eat my niece to a face-drenching orgasm as she screams my name and violently climaxes against my face.

“OH GOD! YES! Lenny! OH, Lenny!” Her juices gush over my tongue as her body twists on the bed and her hands smash my face against her open pussy. She rides out her orgasm as I lap up her steadily flowing juices.

I wipe my face on the sheet and stretch out next to my niece as she catches her breath.

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