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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: Dangerous Addiction (Episode 45)


Ogo’s Range Rover wasn’t there and neither was Derah’s Lexus, were they out whoring themselves or satisfying their cravings on whores? No wonder they hadn’t touched me in so long. I swallowed the bile that came up to my throat and began to slowly cream my body. I felt his presence before he even said…

I had just showered and was drying up my body, Ifueko said she had one or two things to tidy up at the office. It was 4am in the morning and I wanted to cuddle and possibly get our pussies eaten but she said it was important so I showered alone and ignored the fact that no one was home. I had stylishly looked at around when we got back.

Ogo’s Range Rover wasn’t there and neither was Derah’s Lexus, were they out whoring themselves or satisfying their cravings on whores? No wonder they hadn’t touched me in so long. I swallowed the bile that came up to my throat and began to slowly cream my body. I felt his presence before he even said anything.

“It didn’t take you long before you started whoring yourself out to strangers again did it Ifechi?’ Ogo growled. I stilled at the statement and took a deep breath, he wasn’t going to get to me.

“Ifueko is at the office if you need her, otherwise you have no business here” I grunted my back to him and my hands rubbing one spot over and over on my legs.

“I fucking own the building you slut!” He growled a little louder, now he’s done it

“What did you just call me?!” I said standing up and tying my towel properly against my chest. My breasts were still heavy and tender and itchy and now was not the time to dwell on that.

“You heard me” He said unrepentant. I threw the bottle I held in my hand at him with all my might but still missed by an inch and that was because he’d moved.

“Might I remind you that YOU disvirgined me! YOU turned me into a sex slave. YOU wanted me to move in with you just so you could fuck me at will whenever it so pleased you despite the fact that I didn’t want to you still found a way now here we are.

How am I sure that you didn’t orchestrate this whole thing just so Derah and I would not be together. You have the perfect motive” I spat disgusted. He walked towards me, his ears practically smoking and his eyes blazing in anger.

“You did not just accuse me of murder, even to a child Ifueko” he said holding on to my arms painfully.

“if the shoe fits” I said stubbornly knowing deep down that he didn’t do such but wanting to get back at him for so many things.

“Get the fuck off me” I shouted back, I didn’t mean to, it was late and Ifueko’s house wasn’t soundproof like Ogo’s was.

“Damn you Ifechi! Can’t you see how I have been trying to protect you this whole time? But you are too busy noticing when the slightest chance you get you are letting complete strangers put their hands all over you in a fucking club!!” He had shouted the last louder than I expected.

I didn’t say anything I just shrugged out of his grasp painful grasp and walked away making my towel fall in the process. I left it there and went to pick up my bottle of oil.

“Did you fuck him?” he asked slowly trying to calm himself down, I ignored him.

“ANSWER ME!!!!” He bellowed. Then Ifueko’s bedroom door burst open and she came in

“The fuck is going on here you people are making noise” She said ignoring Ogo and the fact that I was naked and rubbing cream on my body. she walked over to her bag, picked it up and was headed back to the door.

“if you people want to make a racket, please carry it to your room Ogo where no one will be able to hear you” she said in a flat tone then she shut the door sharply and left. I hadn’t answered the question and I wasn’t planning to, Ogo was getting on my nerves, they all were and if the stranger was still available I would be riding the fuck out of his dick right now and just forgetting they even exist. Mstcheeewww!

“I was gonna give you the world Ifechi but you let me down day after a fucking day” Ogo said, his voice was calm now but the gruffness remained and I remembered the recent dream I had.

“This is coming from the concerned friend? Let’s face it, I was always a tool for you and never an object of your affection like Ifueko is or Derah’s Mum so save me the speech” I retorted

“I am marrying Derah properly like you suggested, in a few weeks, he is the love of my life” I finished.

I probably didn’t need to add the last part, didn’t need to rub it in but Ogo would never change, never feel anything for anyone but himself and it was time I moved on. I saw something in his eyes that I had never seen before, was it sadness or regret? He looked at me sourly and then exited the room without another word. I laid down then having finished rubbing the oil on my body and prepared myself for sleep.

All the sleep had gone now and I just lay there, tossing and turning, feeling tormented by the argument. Did Ogo really care or did he just not like to be defied. He had already agreed to share me with his best friend but he wasn’t about to share me with an equally handsome stranger. Did Ogo see him as a threat? No one had ever moved Ogo to have that emotion before, he termed them all as wasted, which is why he always distracted himself with work and the likes.

I sat up, unable to sleep, Ifueko wasn’t done and I knew how much she hated to be disturbed when she got down on work, she was probably closing a deal with a foreign client which may explain the timing. I got up and put on my robe and decided to head to Ogo’s for food.

Ifueko was not the kitchen type and if it wasn’t alcohol there was hardly ever anything to eat at hers. I didn’t expect to see a stark naked Ogo, still wet from his shower pouring himself a glass of milk. I had no idea he drank milk and he must have seen the surprise of my face, which despite everything made him chuckle dryly.

“I can’t sleep, Derah’s mum used to make this for me whenever I had nightmares about my parent’s death” He said to no on in particular taking a huge gulp of the milk. I smiled slightly, the frost I had gathered around myself melting away as I saw his demeanor. Not vulnerable but just not the strong, confident Ogo I was used to and loved deeply. I moved forward around the centre table and like a magnet drawn to him.

I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around him rubbing my hard nipples against his back. He froze, having never received such warmth from me or anyone besides a mother figure I suspect, minutes after recovering from the initial shock one of his hands came up on top of one of my arms and rubbed gently as If I needed the consolation.

“I’m sorry I called you a slut” He said, it was my turn to be shocked but I was immensely pleased at his growth and the lowering of his ego.

“I am sorry I accused you of trying to kill me” I said meaning it. he chuckled again and shook his head. He then twisted so that he faced me, smiling genuinely for the first time in weeks. I undid my belt and let my robe fall, joining him in his nakedness. He raised an eyebrow

“I thought you were all sexed out tonight little witch?” he smirked.

“I am sure you know deep down that I didn’t do anything” I said rolling my eyes at him, he drank his milk till he almost finished it then took some of it and poured on one nipple before almost swallowing it, rolling his expert tongue all over it before doing the same with the other. He pulled me on top of him and I straddled his waist, bending down to kiss my taste and the lactose out of his mouth, he kissed me back with just as much passion twisting his fingers into my soft hair that I knew he loved.

He pulled my head away from his and looked at me intently.

“I want to fuck you silly right now, no foreplay” he growled. I was wet like hell already and he had just read my mind.

“Please” I begged and both our hands went to his hard cock at the same time and guided it inside me. We both sighed as I lowered myself on to his engorged member slowly and then the ramming began. I didn’t need no stranger, I had what I fucking wanted right here and by the looks of it, it seemed like he wanted me too even though I knew he would never say the words.

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