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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace puts on a show for her new crush John



“Grace, open your legs for me” He whispered sweetly to her

She smiled up at him and spread her legs for him, leaning down he kissed her while slowly thrusting into her. He balanced on one elbow giving him freedom to squeeze and pinch her nipples with his free hand, she arched into him grabbing and digging her nails into his biceps

“Oh Grace I love you” he moaned

She opened her mouth to tell him she loved him back

“Wake up! Grace! Ngwanu wake up!” Her madam yelled and slapped her to consciousness.

Grace opened her eyes fighting the strong urge not to hiss and cuss. She was dreaming about her new crush John, he lived down the road on her street and had just returned home from school. Grace would sit outside and ogle him when he gists with his friends, he is really tall with nice dark skin that always seem to glow Everytime.

She had pictured different wedding scenarios with him and often fantasize about him while she touched herself.

She stood up angrily from the mat feeling the wetness between her legs

“I wan go women meeting, put water for eba make una chop after” Her madam said before leaving

As soon as her madam left she sat back down and ran her fingers up and down her inner thigh, she spread open her legs and ran her fingers lower, her free hand grabbed and pinched her nipple while her fingers slowly slipped into her pant. She pushed her fingers in before pulling it out and coated her clit with her juices before rubbing it in a circular motion.

She pictured John thrusting into slowly and she pushed her fingers deep inside her dripping hole, she fucked herself a little faster picturing him holding up her legs and pushing into her deeper. A knock on the opened door got her scrambling to cover herself but she wasn’t fast enough.

“Hi, I’m looking for your ma…” He trailed off on seeing her state of undress with fingers coated in her juices

Grace wanted the ground to open and swallow her, she was seated with her legs spread on the floor while her crush stood by the door. He entered and closed the door behind him

“Can I watch? Please continue” He said

Grace wondered if she was dreaming and pinched herself, she stared at him sure he would disappear if she blinks

“I just want to watch I promise” He said

She slowly spread open her legs her eyes fixed on him, she lifted herself up slightly and took off her pant. She dug out her breasts from her vest and squeezed them watching how his eyes widened as she squeezed and played with her nipples.

She let her eyes fall to his crotch and imagined what his dick would look like,what it would feel like around her fingers her mouth.

She stuck her fingers and sucked like it was his dick her eyes fixed on his while her free hand pulled and pinched her hard nipples. She took out her fingers and traced it down her chest to her stomach down to her pussy, she played around her clit enjoying his sharp intake of breath, her fingers slipped lower and into her hole slowly.

She pushed her fingers deeper and pulled it completely out before pushing it back in

“That’s so fucking hot” He said breathlessly

“Add another finger” He said

She added another finger and shoved it inside her pussy moaning out softly, she started to grind against her fingers slowly her eyes fluttering closed, her movement started to get faster her moaning got louder. Her free hand squeezed her breast harder while she moved faster and faster.

Her orgasm started to build and she moved faster against her fingers, she pinched her nipple till she flinched as she ground faster and faster. The orgasm ripped through her and she cried out her thighs quivering

“That was so hot” He said smiling at her

“Tell your madam that my mother has brought new children clothes” he said

” See you around” He said smiling

He left and Grace laid back down thinking of how to get him to fuck her.

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