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The Rare Entry Or Exit! 5 more misconceptions people have about anal sex



Earlier, we spoke about . Most of these fears are not true but they’ve been perpetrated for so long that they have become the truth.

According to Dr Kat Van Kirk, a family therapist and clinical sexologist who had a sit down with Cosmopolitan threw more light on the matter.

Wrong Idea 1: Your asshole will stretch out

People have the misconception that the elasticity of the anus will break.
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Fact: This idea has been everywhere, just like how people said the vagina would never return to its normal size after childbirth, it is not true. will not lead to loss of control over bowel movement, that was a rumour that started in the late seventies about men who were involved in anal sex. On the other hand, anal sex can train your body on how to relax, and a lot of this preparation is mental, the mind and body is relaxed which is why you see those porn stars take all sorts of huge dicks.

Wrong Idea 2: It’s a filthy act

Fact: This is like the biggest misconception about anal sex, the anus in actuality has very small amount of fecal matter in them which destroys this assumption that it’s dirty and super filthy. But it is also not advised that you put the same dick you’ve thrusted into the vagina into asshole or vice versa, be sure to clean it up. The smallest transfer of fecal matter into the rectum can cause vaginal infections.

Wrong Idea 3: Forget the condom

Yes, you still need wear condoms for anal sex. STD’s are everywhere.

Fact: It will be a bad idea if you think there is no need to use condoms because it’s anal sex but the truth is that STD’s can be transferred through the anus. You may be at risk of gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia and even HIV. The reason for this is that the lining of the anus is thin, and can break easily if there is dryness, please try to use lube when doing this.

Wrong Idea 4: It can damage you physically

Anything can hurt you, even regular vagina sex depending on how you do it. There is risk of serious injury. If she isn’t wet enough in the vagina, penetrating her without lubrication can cause tear, the exact same thing can as well happen in anal sex.

Wrong Idea 5: He’ll always want anal from now on

Ladies, you don’t have to be scared that anal sex is all he will want from now on.
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One of the biggest fears women have, that once the man tastes this, it’ll be everything he wants, but slow down. The vagina is still in huge demand, and guys are not about to give that up at all.

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