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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace takes the action to her madam’s bed



“You like am” He said breathing heavily

“Yes yes I like am well eh yes” She moaned

He pushed her legs further above her head and slammed harder into her flooded pussy, Grace would never had thought her Oga’s brother can fuck like this. He came to visit without calling which was his usual way and had to wait for her Oga to come back from work.

Grace had been horny all week since her boyfriend started acting out, so when she caught her oga’s brother ogling her with hungry eyes, she knew so well she had to fuck him. She decided to take a quick shower when she was dressing up she ‘accidentally’ dropped her wrapper.

He stood up to help her realizing too late he was exposing his erection which he immediately covered with his hands. Grace took her opportunity and placed her hand on his

“No worry about am” She said

He pulled away his hands and she replaced it with hers, she squeezed his dick gently from his trouser loving how he let go of the breathe he was holding. She stroked it gently watching his reaction which was turning her on even more. She let her wrapper fall completely before unzipping and pulling his trouser down, her fingers explored his dick admiring how hard and strong it looked.

She pulled away from him almost laughing at the disappointed look, walking quickly she closed the door with the lock and walked back to him, when she got to him he dragged her into him with such speed she heard herself moan. He grabbed and squeezed her boobs before leaning to suck her nipples, he flicked his tongue over her hard nipples fast, she held his head in place pushing her breast more into his mouth.

He sucked, squeezed and grazed with his teeth making her moan out, she could feel her juices dripping into her thigh as he played with her nipples, she took one of his hand and lead it to her hungry dripping pussy, he shoved two fingers into her pussy making her cry out.

His fingers went in and out of her faster and faster till she felt her legs wobble, before she could control her legs he carried her off the ground and took her to her Oga and Madam’s room, he placed her on the bed and laid over her with his weight on one of his elbows,his other hand rubbed her clit faster before shoving two fingers into her.

She couldn’t take it anymore so she stroked his dick positioning it to her opening, he got the message and directed his dick to her pussy. Slowly he pushed in till he was fully inside of her making her moan and wrap her legs around his waist. his movement was fast and hard and grace loved it, her hands ran down his waist and back

“Ahh yes oh yes do fast” She moaned pushing him in deeper with her legs around his waist

He fucked her faster, covering her mouth to muffle her increasing screaming, he grabbed one boob and fucked her faster and faster till her eyes rolled inside her head as her orgasm hit her, she bit down on his hand as she screamed with sweet ecstasy.

He grabbed her legs and raised them up, she held unto her legs as he slammed back into her, Grace bit down on her lower lip as he fucked her fast and hard; it’s been a while she caught fucked hard.

“You like am” He said breathing heavily

“Yes yes I like am, eh yes” She moaned

He pulled out almost completely before slamming hard into her, he repeated it again making grunting sounds, he held her thighs and pumped faster making grace scream gibberish, another orgasm hit her harder than the first her pussy gushing warm juices.

He held her thighs tighter moving in faster and erratically, he made a face before pulling out and spilling his seeds on her tummy before slumping besides her. When he caught his breath, he turned to her

“You need come visit me for Enugu, I go give you transport” He said breathlessly

Grace smiled to herself in satisfaction.

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