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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The teasing game (Part 1)



She read the text again, it could not be possible.

*Just keep your eyes straight and on the road ahead and do try not to moan*

She glanced sideways at him and saw he had his eyes on the road ahead and the driver with a mischievous smile playing on his lips. What exactly was he planning to do to her that could possibly get her moaning? He was not planning to fuck her in the back of a moving cab, obviously.

He could not be that crazy for sure, or could he?

They had just left his office a few minutes ago and were headed up to her apartment. It had been a while coming, over three days of torture. He had touched her soul without touching her body, he had turned her on with words over and over again.

It had been a miracle she had been able to go through without having to fuck one of her co-workers.

When he had suggested they head over to her apartment after work, she had only been too happy to accept. The string panties she had on had been soaked over and over again. It was a good thing his office was on her route back home. She had ordered an Uber and stopped along the way to pick him up. She was not sure she was the one controlling her body any more, she wanted him deep inside her.

His hands were on her thighs rubbing slightly upwards, she had on a tight fitting dress that was like a second skin showing off all of her curves. His hand was pulling her skirt up now but she was not making it easy for him with her legs pulled together. He got a finger in between them and nudged her to open up, fear told her not to oblige him but excitement was much more persuasive and in no time she found herself opening up her legs to him.

She looked up at the mirror in front and could see that the driver had his eyes busy with the traffic up ahead. She could feel his index finger reaching her panties now, maybe now he would understand just how she felt. He touched her panties and paused, she was so wet he could feel it right through her panties. He did not even have press against her, it was telling enough.

His smile widened and he fought off the urge to turn and look at her. He started moving his finger in a circular motion against her panties, pausing occasionally to press up against her pussy. She could not tell him just how much of a torture she was going through at the moment.

All she knew was she had look out the window is see just how far off they were from her place. They were still a few minutes out but the traffic they were stuck in did not look like moving anytime soon. This one of those times she wished she was a witch and could just grab him and disappear, his finger now sliding her panties to the side was not helping matters.

She bit her lower lips and closed her eyes in anticipation, it was only a matter of time before his finger was digging into her.

Her eyes flew wide open as she stifled a moan. He was not stopping, he dug his finger in as deep as he could go then he waited. She closed her legs around his hand as her eyes went shut again. He was looking sideways at her now, smiling. Then with determination he started to move his hand in and out, finger fucking her. She had no control over her body now, there was no doubt about that now.

The only thing that she seem to have power over was her eyes and mouth which she was doing her best to keep shut. He was finger fucking her slowly now with his thumb just rubbing on every bit of skin around her pussy.

She folded her hand into a fist as he increased the pace and her toes curled in her shoes. He was ramming into her fast now that she knew for sure that the driver was aware that something was going on backseat but she could not open her eyes for the fear that her mouth might just open up too and it was definitely not a moan that was going to get out.

She was glad she had picked to sit right behind the driver, she could not imagine him watching her finger fucked. Just when she thought she could not control her eyes and mouth any longer, he pulled his finger out of her. She opened her eyes and could not help the gasp that followed. She looked up hurriedly at the mirror but the driver’s eyes were still on the road which was her street.

She turned around to look at her tormentor just in time to see him sucking on his finger that had just come out of her. He looked at her back and smiled then he started leaning towards her. She knew a kiss was coming and she would love to bit off his lips but…

“We are here now, this is number 29”. The driver announced as the car came to a halt in front of a big brown gate.

She did not say anything, just adjusted her skirt and got out of the car. She stood by the gate as she watched him get out of the cab from the other side.

She turned just in time to miss the wink the driver was throwing at her. God knows she would have sank into the ground if she had seen it.

It was getting dark already as she walked in calculated steps to her apartment, she knew he was not far behind her. She got her keys out and opened up the door then stepped asides and waited for him to walk in.

He did and stood right behind her as she locked the door. She had barely finished turning the key when she felt his hands around her waist. She grabbed them and pulled them away. Then she turned to face him.

“You had your moment, Now it is my turn”

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