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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 11)



“And how did you two meet? Wait, let me guess: at a bar or at a strip club? Tell me please, I am dying to know” She said scathingly.

“I applied for a job as his assistant”

She laughed again. “Of course you did! Don’t tell me: you got the job” She said

“Err… yes” sort of.

The details of my appointment have changed slightly, though since the engagement. Quite drastically in fact. From assistant to business partner. Plus, I get to fuck him whenever I feel like it. just this morning – you won’t believe this! – I sucked him off right there in the boardroom.

God, he was so big and beautiful and he came so unbelievably hard. All over my fingers and mouth and I swallowed and licked it all up. down girl, I reprimanded myself. It would hardly help to rub salt in her wounds.

At this, Adanna’s faux humour evaporated altogether and I had the urge to comfort her even though my instincts pulsed with warning: whatever I said would probably piss her off and do more to provoke her than soothe her, still I wanted to try

“I’m sorry about the way things turned out, Adanna I swear. I never knew he was with someone else, least of all someone like you”

In truth, it wouldn’t have mattered, even if I had known. I felt slightly guilty about that. Alexander on the other hand had known.

He’d known even as… he’d peeled off my clothes, as I’d rubbed myself against him, wetting him with my own desire, as he’d sunk himself into me so possessively, immensely and completely. As he’d devoured all of me and gave me everything that was possible to give, as he’d fuck my brains out repeatedly on his desk… that he was cheating on Adanna.

It hadn’t mattered to him, I understood. By then, Alexander and I had known each other for a very short time though we’d been fully and totally immersed with each other. We’d been ludicrously abandoned about it all. Halimah closed the door of her office, and this felt ominous. Like things were about to happen that she would prefer to keep from the public eye.

“Someone like me, you fucking bitch!!” She yelped, actually stamping one perfectly Balenciaga clad foot. It might have been true, maybe I was a bitch for loving him, wanting him so much every second of the day. For diving in head first without checking first, I couldn’t have stopped myself and it was too late now. He’d been – and was – so ridiculously, beautifully alluring.

All I had been able to comprehend was this: I want him. more than I had wanted safety or money. He was the one and only person I had ever known in this stormy daunting, lonely life that had made me feel alive. In some weird way, I felt like Alexander introduced me to myself. To the me that was allowed to breathe and thrive and feel without fear, without that stomach churning panic that lodged itself into my soul at a very early age and never, ever let go.

Alexander had unfurled that fear, he’d begun to fix it. just with the big, staunch growly glow of his instant lust, his blooming love and his all-encompassing protection. I’d be damned if I let him go without a fight, I wasn’t even about to give him up.

“Adanna – ” I began. But where to begin? How to explain, would it even matter? It turned out that Adanna wasn’t ready to give him up either, not without one hell of a bitch session and whatever else she had up her sleeve. I might have been expecting jealousy but I hadn’t been expecting this seething dragon like fury.

“Don’t talk to me, you gold-digging fucking whore! You seduced him! you fucking stole him! brainless ashawo! He was supposed to propose to me! I gave him everything!! He was going to before you came and fucked everything up!!”! I half expected a molten sea of hellfire to erupt from her mouth.

“Adanna” Halimah attempted in a restful voice.

“There’s a time and place for this discussion and it’s probably not here, or now” Wise words that had absolutely zero impact on Adanna.

“You fucking seduced him with your twenty-year old moves and your bouncy fucking breasts and your curves and big fucking ass!!!” She spewed. Wow. I could’ve interjected that my “moves” were non-existent, but that wasn’t entirely true.

Alexander had inspired moves in me that might have put a trained prostitute to shame. I didn’t mention this.

“You’re just after him for his money!” Adanna continued

“I know your type. You’re the type who comes from nothing and instead of working your way up through your own talents you latch on to some super rich guy and bleed him dry! I know exactly what you are fucking up to. you won’t get away with this!”

I’ll admit, the accusation stung and some tiny corner in my conscience flinched.

“You’re sucking him in with that your young face and that body! blinding him to who you really are with sex and blow jobs! Admit it! what else do you have to offer him besides sex?! Absolutely nothing! You good-for-nothing cheap whore!” She raged.

I couldn’t exactly help but consider it, what exactly did I have to offer Alexander besides sex? Besides love and devotion and … amazingly hot sex? Was that even enough?

“Adanna – ” Halimah tried again, this time a small frown etched on her forehead. Adanna’s voice had been raised louder than any of us cared for.

“Oh, don’t worry” Adanna shrieked

“I’m almost done with her, but I am not done with him. he has responsibilities and he will see to them. Before which I will expose you for what you really are” she said, her beautiful face contorting into an unflattering grimace. “Man stealing bitch!” she spat

It stung, a whole lot. Adanna would confront Alexander now that he was back at work, I mean she had a right to. she was his employee but knowing Alexander I bet he had seen her naked in every form and in every place and so she had a right to feel the way she did.

I wondered if she’d ever sucked him off in the boardroom or in his office or in his private elevator. Sigh

I knew she would track him down and say all she had to but would it sway him? would he see me in a different light? I felt the horrible prick of tears at the back of my eyes. I knew I shouldn’t let her words affect me that he loved me.

My words came out standing steadier than I felt. “I love him”

She stared at me, her anger ballooning silently before it viciously spewed at me she raised her as if to hit me before Halimah stood in her way.

“Leave me, let me slap the bitch!” she shouted

“I loved him! I still love him! and you stole him from under me! Did you know we’d been dating for almost two years?! Did you? Did you know we had a date planned in fucking Paris for that night that he met you?

And that he never even turned up at the airport? Never bothered to fucking call?! I have never been stood up before. Never in my whole life?! do you know how fucking heartbreaking that was?!”

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