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It’s Personal: 5 intimate things about sex guys hide from ladies



Men are thought to be low on emotions when it comes to sex. We bottle up emotions and all that but the truth is that there are things that we also feel a certain way about sex.

Ladies, here are some things that we notice during sex but may not be bold enough to tell you.

1. Cuddle after sex SOME TIMES

Not all of the time but there are times when we just love to rub bodies with you after sex, especially great sex.

I’ll grant you that, a lot of guys after sex, we want to fall asleep and move to the next phase of the day. We also want to cuddle sometimes especially for the married folks. The feeling of your warmth on his body makes the sleep even better. For random sex, he’ll want to go away as quickly as possible. There you have it, we also love to cuddle.

2. Your confidence says it all.

Men are visual people in nature. If you’re confident about yourself and your body, guys will barely notice. The same ways guys notice ladies who are happy and active in a gathering compared to one just in the corner. Being confident about yourself is quite a lot of sexiness in itself.

3. We don’t really like sex in the shower or on the beach

Shower sex is one way to get intimate with your shower while you’re both preserving water by having your bath together but we’re not all into it.

I know we misled you on that, we like that but let’s be honest, they’re both overrated and require a lot of work for the lazy people. If there is a way sand won’t get into uncomfortable places, we might do it more often. Also, if there is some sort of equipment that can be installed in the bathroom, we would be totally down for it.

4. Not in the mood

The social construct is that men are always in the mood for sex. News flash! Sometimes we’re not in the mood for sex, could be a bad day, headache or any other factor. Due to the pre-conception that men are always horny that we can have sex every minute of every day, it is simply not true, sometimes we just want to rollover and go to sleep.

5. We’re not cool with your toys.

Honestly, there is no way we can cope with your vibrator, shit offers 6,000rpm, no human can except the Flash, but that’s fiction. For our ego sake, kindly put away your sex toys. We don’t need to see rabbit but that’s not all of us, some men are secure around sex toys.

Get your man’s opinion about sex toys and use the information judiciously.

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