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For Men: Guys here are 5 stress-free oral sex tips


Oral sex is a fantastic way to giving your lover what she wants. This is a very crucial part of any relationship.

Below, are top 5 oral sex tips for men which will, in turn, make you knock her off her feet today.

1. Avoid your hands being lazy

Do not hesitate to use your hand at any given chance when you are giving her oral sex. Whether you believe it or not, your fingers are a nice way to excite several of her erogenous zones at once. You can use your fingers to tease her labia and vaginal opening while licking her clitoris. Also, stimulating more than one erogenous zone will help you build that sexual tension.

2. Explore more moves

Make sure to always explore and try something new. Believe it or not, Most ladies like something a little different. Hence, you have to go for different styles and moves in order to identify your girl’s mojo.

3. Watch and listen to her body reactions

Make sure to watch and listen to her body while you are going down on her. Things like noises, the rhythm of her breath, her body language, and much more can tell you when your woman is about to reach orgasm, as well as what she loves you to do to her body.

4. Increase your tempo by building her pleasure & tension

It is a gradual process when trying to make your woman achieve climax. So, when licking her pussy, let her get comfortable and then you start slow. Also, explore her body with your hands and tongue and as she seems closer to climax increase your teasing tempo as well.

5. Give her what she wants

Be free to ask her what she really likes, and then give her just the way she wants it. Think of it as a trial to just concentrate on pleasing her for a bit, instead of worrying about your own needs.

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