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How To Guide: These are 5 things to do before having sex


There’s no instructional book on how you should prepare for sex. However, you can make preparing yourself for sex, a whole lot easier and more fun.

But not to worry, below are incredible ways to have that erotic sex experience and make it more enjoyable.

1. Hygiene

Washing your hands or having your bath before sex is really cool and hygienic. The majority love having sex with clean people. You don’t want him going down and it smells like a rotten fish, neither do you want her going to the royal shaft and it oozes. So, just take some time before sex to have a cool shower and clean every corner.

2. Do not praise yourself before sex

It’s not the Headies, it’s just sex. So, do not praise or hype yourself before sex. When you start praising yourself, you can simply become anxious and then you may not do as well as you hoped to. However, take deep breaths and savour the moment. Let it be natural.

3. Put your phone off

Remember to turn off your phone before sex, because it’s always a distraction especially when you’re already enjoying the orgasmic sexual moment. Sex is special, and it should be experienced at the moment and the beep sounds on your phone can make you lose concentration.

4. Create the mood

Create or set the mood for you and your partner maybe by lighting some romantic scented candles, slow jamz or just do something really romantic to set things in motion for a really good sexual experience. You might feel there’s no need for this, but trust us the little things count.

5. Have more condoms

This should be first on your list. Make sure to have extra rubbers. You might run out of condoms during sex, especially if you want to go 4 more rounds. So, when next you want to have a quickie always have a condom or more in your wallet.

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